We have came across a Jamaat letter from Germany wherein the Jamaat leaders have distanced themselves from a woman named Momina Rajput (@mominaai), who seems to be active on social media and writing against the jamaat in Germany. However, she quit the Ahmadiyya community and became an Atheist about 3-4 years ago. Nor have we been able to find Momina Rajput. Nevertheless, the original letter and an english translation is posted in the below, further, the Jamaat in Germany has faced many issued in terms of fake asylum cases, human trafficking and financial exploitation. Similarly, in Germany, many Ahmadi’s have been complaining about being exploited for chanda by the Ahmadiyya jamaat, and lets not forget how Ahmadi’s killed their own daughter in Germany. We also have a video from Orya Maqbool, wherein he goes through many important documents and explains the asylum game that Ahmadi’s are playing (paperwork from Der Spiegel). This isn’t the first time that Ahmadi’s have been accused as such, watch my video herein. Even Pakistani-Christians have accused Ahmadi’s of faking asylum just to come to the West. Even Ahmadi’s have confessed about this asylum game. Samina Khan has also spoke out Ahmadiyya fraud scheme’s in Germany.

Moreover, in the UK, the Ahmadiyya Movement, aka the Mirza family business is represented legally in the UK by Bindmans LLP.  Unlike, the USA, Germany, Africa, Pakistan and India (and many more), in the UK, every charity has to register and is thus monitored by the Charities Commission. In the past few years, many Ex-Ahmadi’s have reported their persecution and harassment to the UK Charities Commission and then forced to pay lawyer fee’s for many years until finally getting heard.
The letter

English translation

Dear local Umara Sahiban & Sadran-e Jamaat Germany, as-salamu’aleikum w. W.!

Please make it known in your communities that on social media a person from Germany, with the name Momina Rajput is posting publicly negative content against the Jama’at. The Jama’at members are hereby notified that this person has not any connection to the Ahmadiyya Jama’at.

Jazakumullah-hu Ta’ala ahsan al-jaza!

Was salam, Yours truly

Sec. Umur ‘Amma Germany

Amir Jama’at Germany

Copy: National Amila & Murabbiyan-e Silsila

The scan

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