Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gave lots of ilzami jawab (allegatory answers). These ilzami jawab is similar to basketball-level-trash-talk and not befitting of a prophet. Nevertheless, in the quotes in the below, you will see MGA’s drivel. MGA was trying to say that per Muslims, Muhammad (saw) saw Musa (as) whilst on the Miraaj trip and even spoke to him. Thus, Muslims should believe that he also still alive, as well as the rest of the prophets and this is specifically because they were all there in the samaa wattay when Muhammad (Saw) walked thru during salaat. In fact, they all ready prayers behind Muhammad (Saw). These scans are courtesy of @zafarim786.
The quotes, These scans are courtesy of @zafarim786
Ruhani Khaza’in: v.8 p.69; Nur-al-Haq p.50

“This is that Moses, man of God, concerning whom the Quran infers that he is alive, so it is obligatory upon us to believe that he is alive in Heaven and that he is not among the dead.”


Mirza claims Moses AS is Alive Muhammad SWS met with him
Hamatul Bushra P113, (See at the 1:49 minute mark)

“”””Is Eisa (as) alive and Muhammad (Saw) is dead? ……it is thus established that all the prophets (anbiya) are alive in the heavens, then, how is it proven that the life of the Messiah…, does he eat and drink there? Do the other prophets not eat and drink? In fact, Musa is alive per the quran, don’t you read in the quran, don’t worry about your meeting with him….it is thus proven that this verse of the quran was revealed about Musa (as), and it is the ultimate proof that Musa (as) is alive. Because he met Muhammad (saw) in the heavens (Samaa wattay), and alive people never meet dead people.””””

The scan

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Tohfah Golarhviah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, page 100-101
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Mirza said moses pbuh is alive and do hajj every year but jesus pbuh is dead.


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