This is another topic that MGA stole directly from Sir Syed, via Noorudin.  Sir Syed denied all miracles in Islam in the mid-to-late 1870’s.  Nooruddin was a good friend of Sir Syed in those days, eventually, he tempted MGA to make all of his ridiculous claims, most likely because he the saw viability of such a business, with Sir Syed being the model.  MGA and his team never wrote about the Miraaj ever again.

In Izala Oham Vol 1 ,RK Vol 3 Page 347
“All Sehabas ( RA) believed that His ascent in the night of miraj was in his human body”

But in the same book on Page 126, he said
“If someone object that if ascent in human body is impossible, then how come Holy Prophet had a physical ascent in the night of Miraj? The answer to this is that Miraj was NOT with Human body ( Please NOTE that this contradicts to belief of Sehaba RA) but it was actually a very high level of Intuitional dream, which can be called just like awake. And with such an intuitional dream a man can travel to skies with an Angelic Body”


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