As we all know, in 1891, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad presented a reference to Imam Malik wherein the imam wrote that Eisa (As) had died. However, MGA left out the most important detail, that is, Imam Malik believed that Eisa (as) died the death of sleep and was physically lifted (RAFFA) towards Allah (See the Bro Haji video for a detailed analysis) and will physically return and kill the Dajjal.

MGA did this with Ibn Abbas also and every single source, this ended up becoming the Qadiani-Ahmadi method of argumentation, that is to leave out details and to argue in a competitive manner.

Furthermore, it should be noted that some islamic scholars wrote that Eisa (As) died for a few hours and was then revived by Allah. Obviously, Ahmadi sources will never mention this.

Watch Bro Haji’s video on this, he explained everything perfectly and with scans. You can also check out this twitter thread for additional data on Imam Malik, Eisa (as) and the death of sleep. MGA quoted Imam Malik in Nurul-Haqq, part 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 294 and admitted that Imam Malik believed that Eisa (as) died at age 33.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nurul-Haqq, part 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 294

MGA says that Imam Malik believed that Eisa (as) died (margaya) at age 33.

Al bayanul tasee by Ibn Rushd
At the 1:13:59 mark,

Ibn Rushd mentions that this is disputed. In this ref, Imam Malik says that Eisa (as) died at age 33. Ibn Rushd commentates on this and says that it means that Eisa (as) left this dunya and was physically raised to Allah. Ibn Rushd goes to explain that Imam Malik means that Eisa (as) was lifted alive. He goes on to quote Imam Malik and agree that Eisa (as) will make Hajj or Umrah or both per Imam Malik. Furthermore, in terms of the physical descent of Eisa (as), people will hear a cloud and it will be Eisa (As) and Eisa (As) was not killed, Allah raised him to himself and he will physically descend at the end of times.


Tafsir ibn Jawzi

In this tafsir, he explains innee mutawafeeka means that Eisa (as) might have died for a few hours and Allah would revive him and he would subsequently physically return. And he was raised while he was still alive and he will die when he returns to Earth and kills the Dajjal. He also says that Eisa (as) was physically raised to the heavens.

Tabari and the death of sleep and Eisa (As)

Tabari explains how some Muslims mean that Eisa (as) died the death of sleep. The wafat of grasping. See the video of Bro Haji.

Tafsir al-baghwi

In this Tafsir, Ibn Abbas and the mumeetuka situation is quoted, some say that he died for 7 hours and he would die (mumeetuka) after he returns physically from the heavens.

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