Fakhr-ud Din Multani and Bashir Ahmad Misri were both attacked in broad day light in Qadian on Saturday, 08-07-1937, around 4:30 pm at the time of Asr prayers. Multani was thus stabbed by a fanatical Ahmadi on the 6th or 7th of August, 1937 and succumbed to his injuries on the 13th of August, 1937. The murderer, Aziz Ahmad, was lauded by the Ahmadiyya community, as well as by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. A picture of Fakhr ud Din Multani on his deathbed can be found here. This led to his family asking for government and Muslim (the Ahrar’s) protection from the Mirza family. Misri and his whole family thus moved to Lahore in late 1937. The Lahori-Ahmadi have mentioned this murder in their book about Muhammad Ali, “A Mighty Striving”, see page 239. Qadiani-Ahmadi sources are totally silent in contrast. Many years later, his son wrote about Ahmadiyya and explained all of this.

In this edition of the Al-fazl, page 5, MGA’s children are being defended, MGA was a very pious person, his children could never be bad. He also talks about ghair-mubain (ahmadi’s who reject the Khilafat). Fakhr ud Din Multani was also mentioned, and the Khalifa was accused of inciting murder. This essay from the Al-Fazl defends the family of MGA and tells the world that they would never do anything bad like sexual assault and rape. MGA even prayed over and over again to make his family pious, thus, they could have never committed these crimes. About a month after this, the Khalifa was facing severe punishments from allah via ailments.

The rape of Sakina Begum

This essay also indirectly refers to the rape of Sakina Begum by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, she eventually became the wife of Mirza Abdul Haq of Sarghoda.

PDF of Al-Fazl, August 15th, 1937, page 5


(Al Fazl July 10, 1937. Page 6)

Click to access A19370710.pdf

There’s a great accusation that is made. It is that the Khalifa is an Aayash (someone of loose morals who fornicates, drinks and parties). Regarding this I reply that I am a doctor! And I know those people who do Aayaashi for a few days get addicted to it. They become two two, which in English is called a “wreck”. These type of people do not have a functioning brain nor does their intellect remain proper. Nor do their movements function appropriately. All their body parts become destroyed. Just one glimpse at them from their heads to their feet indicate that they are Aayaash. This is why it is said: Al zina yakhraju ul binaa’a (the fornication exits (one from) the building.


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