Razi Ullah Noman (@studentofahmad on twitter) was born in Germany, his parents were an asylum case from Pakistan in the 1990’s. Razi was born with a mental problem which causes his speech pattern to be robotic and lacking emotion. Thus, his family feels as-if they owe their lives to the Mirza family. Razi grew up in the famous Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace Building. We have a found a Mulaqat video from 2013 wherein Razi kisses the Khalifa’s hand (See at the 1:08:30 mark). Razi was about 17-18 years old and asked the Khalifa for career advice. He asked Mirza Masroor Ahmad if he should major in criminology or business (watch my tiktok herein). The Khalifa said that they were both good and he should choose himself (watch my on instagram too). After graduating highschool, Razi tried his hand at York University and failed all of his classes. This was 2014, after failing miserably, Razi became the perfect candidate for Jamia-Ahmadiyya in Canada. He began making his website (ahmadi answers) and began applying for Jamia via the Jamaat. By 2015, he had been accepted into Jamia and began classes. While in Jamia, he got help from MTA personnel and with the approval of the Khalifa, he began trolling Muslims all around the world with his youtube channel. He continues to play games and tell the world that this isn’t an official channel, however, this is a lie.

It should be noted that by 2021, the Ahmadiyya jamaat in Canada has about 100 million in assets and collected 23 million in chanda in 2020. The biggest expense are the team of murrabi’s, the cost is 3.1 million, the amount of murrabi’s is unknown.

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The majority of #Ahmadis in #Canada live around the The Abode of Peace building and Peace Village


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