As we all know, MGA got daily and nightly massages from men and women. #ahmadis believed that MGA was innocent and thus, he was allowed to touch all women and men intimately. In this specific story, the testimony of the wife of Hakeem Maulvi Rahim Baksh is given. She claims that she was massaging MGA legs and had been given bananas for extra blessings (barkat). It seems that she had been alone with MGA for what seems to be a few hours. As she was on her way out of MGA’s private quarters, MGA randomly mentioned to his wife that this ladies womb was hurting so give her that barnam (extract Viburnum liquid). MGA then proceeded to give her 10 droplets and instructed her how to take the medicine.

So MGA randomly knew that her pussy (womb) was hurting after giving her fruits like bananas for massaging his feet. Mufti Mubasher Shah recently explained this entire scenario (watch from 43 minutes onwards). We think the true point of emphasis is how did MGA randomly knew that her vagina was hurting instead of his wife and that too after giving her the fruits when she was about to leave after massaging him. The woman didn’t say anything about her vagina… she massaged MGA’s legs and he gave her fruits and as she was leaving he remembered her vagina’s pain. This is alarming, she would have said that I had previously told him that my vagina hurts but because she didn’t mention it, it shows that he had possessed some intimate knowledge about her vagina being in pain. Thus, MGA knew about this vagina pain, probably based on his own observation. The medicine was taken orally and even in the reference MGA tells to to drink it every morning. 
Seerat ul mahdi volume 5, page 214, hadith number 1350,
you have to scroll to the page 214, but that is 219 of the pdf, for some reason you have to click on volume 2 online, but it still takes you to hissa panjam aka part 5 the way I told you

In this story, MGA seems to have given bananas for barkat (blessings), to a married woman, wife of kareem baksh who was massaging MGA’s legs and he gave her bananas for blessing and then nusrat jehan said to MGA that her womb hurts so give her some medication so MGA gave her ten drops, she says that I don’t remember who gave them to me, it doesn’t mention where they were placed, it just says MGA put ten drops inside, then it says mga said drink ten drops in the morning.

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Who is Hakeem Maulvi Rahim Baksh


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