As we all know, MGA was allowed to touch all men and women at Qadian under the guise of giving spiritual blessings (barkat) to all. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that MGA would have fits of hysteria which would be calmed by massaging. Thus, MGA was getting massages all day. #ahmadis would even fondle and grope/stroke MGA during prayers.

Nevertheless, we have a Qadiani by the name of Maulavi Hakim Rahim Bakhsh (dead by 1923) of Talwandi Jhunglan Distt. Gurdaspur (which is barely 10 miles from Qadian), who would happily offer up his wife to be MGA’s masseuse. She massaged MGA’s feet many times and even got medicine from MGA for pain in her vagina.

His name is written in Seeratul Mahdi, via its first edition (1923), and in Tadhkirah. We don’t see his name mentioned in other Ahmadiyya sources. His wife, Barkat Bibi seems to have given a speech to one of the very first meetings of Lajna Ima’illah, in this speech, she explains how she had pain in her vagina and MGA treated her.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Seerat ul mahdi volume 5, page 214, hadith number 1350,
you have to scroll to the page 214, but that is 219 of the pdf, for some reason you have to click on volume 2 online, but it still takes you to hissa panjam aka part 5 the way I told you

Barkat Bibi said, at one of the very first meetings of Lajna Imaillah:

In this story, MGA seems to have given bananas for barkat (blessings), to a married woman, wife of Maulavi Hakim Rahim Baksh (Barkat Bibi) who was massaging MGA’s legs and he gave her bananas for blessing and then nusrat jehan said to MGA that her womb hurts so give her some medication (extract why burnam, a homepathic medicine, vibrunumum opulus) so MGA gave her ten drops, she says that I don’t remember who gave them to me, it doesn’t mention where they were placed, it just says MGA put ten drops inside, then it says mga said drink ten drops in the morning.

The scan

Seerat ul mahdi volume 5, page 214, hadith number 1351

Barkat Bibi said (widow of Maulavi Hakim Rahim Bakhsh, dead by 1923), at one of the very first meetings of Lajna Imaillah:

She says she came to Qadian, and she brought a book that she liked reading. MGA gave her Durus Sameen and suggested that she should read it.

She claims to have become pregnant after drinking the medicine. And she was unaware of how she got pregnant. Then, she saw a dream that there were 2 other women, and I have started her menustral period. She then referred to the book that MGA gave her, and she read that any woman see’s herself menstrating in a dream, means that the woman is about to do something bad or has already done something bad. Then, she read Nafl’s and did toba. And asking, oh god, please forgive me.

Then, she goes to Qadian and told MGA about the dream, and how she is feeling ashamed, specifically ashamed about the services that she is giving MGA. But she says that she shouldn’t feel this way, since MGA is from god. She says, “if I can’t tell you about this, who else can I tell?”. Then, MGA tells her to bring a book, she brings the book. MGA opened the book and then narrated:

“”Jo aurat assa khwab dahkay, if she is then pregnant, it will be a boy, however, if she is not pregnant, she will become pregnant”. Then she said to MGA, that, because of your medicine and prayers, I have become pregnant. MGA says, “god willing you will have a boy”. 
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