In 1923, after her husband (Maulavi Hakim Rahim Bakhsh of Talwandi) had died, Barkat Bibi told the women of the #ahmadiyya community (Lajna) that she once had pain in her vagina (rahm in arabic) and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prescribed homeopathic medicine. Barkat Bibi seems to have told these women 2-3 stories of her private encounters with MGA. This was during the first ever meetings of Lajna Ima’illah (which was started in 1922). Her stories were so authentic that Mirza Bashir Ahmad decided to archive them in his famous 1923 (1st edition) of Seerat ul Mahdi. Some facts emerge, in these stories, she confessed (in a proud way) how she gave special massage services to MGA, services that might even be considered haraam. She waited until her husband was dead to finally tell, since she was ashamed. In the below, we have posted the entire story. The reader’s are encouraged to decide for themselves. Nevertheless, MGA always got a happy ending.

It should be noted that MGA was allowed to touch all men and women at Qadian under the guise of giving spiritual blessings (barkat) to all. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that MGA would have fits of hysteria which would be calmed by massaging. Thus, MGA was getting massages all day. #ahmadis would even fondle and grope/stroke MGA during prayers.

Mufti Mubasher Shah explains this who story here too, see at the 43:00 minute mark.

Scans and further explanation
Seeratul Mahdi Volume 2, Part 5, page 214 and 215. May 2008 Edition.

Qadiani Hadith# 1350:

Barkat Bibi Sahiba wife of deceased Hakeem Maulvi Raheem Baksh residents of Talundi stated for the record of Lajna of Qadian that one day he (Mirza Qadiani) was lying down and she (Barkat Bibi) was massaging his feet. From an assortment of fruit Lychees, bananas, figs, and melons he (Mirza Qadiani) gave me many. I kept the fruit very safe because these were blessed fruits. I planned to take them home and give everyone a little bite as a blessing. When I was leaving, Hazoor (Mirza Qadiani) said to Ama Jan (Nusrat Jehan) that give her (Barkat Bibi) some Vibrunum Opulus, her (Barkat Bibi’s) Uterus has pain (Extract Vibrunum liquid is a medicine that is used for treatment of the Uterus). I (Barkat Bibi) do not remember who gave me the medicine. Hazoor (Mirza Qadiani) gave her ten drops and said take ten drops in the morning every day. I went home and took the medicine.

Qadiani Hadith# 1351:

Barkat Bibi Sahiba wife of deceased Hakeem Maulvi Raheem Baksh residents of Talundi stated for the record of Lajna of Qadian that: 

“I went to Qadian for a third time and with me I had one book containing the story of Rabiah Bibi which I used to read with great interest, You (Mirza Qadiani) then said “Barkat Bibi! You should read this book, Duresameen”.

After taking the medicine I became pregnant, however I was not aware of the pregnancy. I saw in a dream that I was sitting with two other women and saw that I started to menstruate. I began to panic and looked for the dreams interpretation. The interpretation of the dream as written in the book was, “A woman who sees herself menstruating in a dram means that she is committing a SIN”. I felt severe pain after reading this. I prayed and began asking Allah for forgiveness and said, Oh Allah What sin have I committed or what sin will I commit? You save me with your Grace, then I went to Qadian.

I was massaging Hazoor’s (Mirza Qadiani) feet and said: Hazoor I have saw a dream that I am ashamed to mention in your presence, but I should not feel shame in mentioning it to Hazoor as you have been sent by God. If I can not mention it to you then who can I mention it to? Then I informed Hazoor of my dream. Hazoor then said, see that book which is over there go get it. I brought it to him and he opened it and said, : A woman who sees this kind of dream if pregnant will have a boy, and if she is not pregnant will become pregnant. I then said that I am pregnant because of the medicine and prayers of Hazoor, then he (Mirza Qadiani) said, “Now God Willing a Boy will be born”.


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