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_____________________________________________________________________________________________This Megathread will contain a whole wide range of posts, tweets, YouTube videos, and website articles critiquing and explaining the issues and concepts within Ahmadiyyat.

Table of Contents


Part 1 – The Nizaam e Jamaat

  • Chapter 0: Financial

Where does your chanda money go

If an #Ahmadi doesn’t pay📷 Chanda, he will no longer remain a member of #AhmadiyyatTheTrueIslam

The issues in Jamaat USA including Marriage and Chanda rates

“Those Ahmadis who refuse to submit their budget, we must constantly remind them and pray that they develop love for Allah over money.”

Standing up to the extortion of Chanda money

Tehreek-e-Jadid and its businesses

pay up your Chanda even if you have to starve yourself

Wasiyyat – a scam?

An analyzation of the Canada Jamaat’s financial statement

Chanda Vs Zakat

Chanda Compared to a Club Membership Cost

Panama Papers Incident

Khalifa Giving False Hopes to Desperate People

payment and donation

Consequences for not paying chanda?

  • Chapter 1: Public Expulsions

Jamaats guidelines for social boycott

You can not eat or share food with anyone expelled from Jammat, they need to be socially boycotted

An Ahmadi can not be Facebook friends with someone who has been expelled from the Ahmadiyya community

Public Expulsion Case 101

Excommunication for marrying outside the Jamaat

Marraige and excommunication rules

Social boycott circular in India

Jamaat public shaming update

Jamaat public shaming episode

Jamaat Ahmadiyya public shaming


Part 2 – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the history of Ahmadiyya


Part 3: Islam through the lens of Ahmadiyyat

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