As we all know, Razi Ullah Noman (aka ahmadi answers) has been attacking Muslims all over world for the sake of Ahmadiyya for over 10 years. He is currently living in an Ahmadiyya only building and is an official employee of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. His elder brother is Jari Ullah Qudrat (in this video clip he talks about the dangers of eating pork, however, he forgot that MGA ate pig-biscuits from the UK and loved them) and he works as a Real Estate agent for RIGHT AT HOME REALTY INC., BROKERAGE. The Ahmadiyya community even got him published on the HuffingtonPost. His office seems to be right across the street from an islamic center, the Masjid Vaughan. You can also see Jari Qudrat in his youth worshipping the Khalifa herein.


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