In my essays on Ahmadiyya, I have comprehensively covered the topic of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his frequent use of opium. The causation of all of this were the many illnesses of MGA, he suffered from hysteria, diabetes, excessive urination issues, and now we have confirmation that he suffered from mental illness, and his wife and his precious Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad. This seems to be the explanation that we needed as we dig deeper into the books of Ahmadiyya to find an answer as to why this family started this business.

MENTAL ILLNESS OF NUSRAT, WIFE OF MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD. So it is the fact and, many of our scholars proved from Ahmadi books and their other writings that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was suffering from Miraaq, in other words mental illness and was suffering from hysteria and convulsions. What was not known, that his wife Nusrat was suffering from Miraaq too, here is the proof from the horse’s mouth Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, from their own newspaper Alhakam. Two pages I attach is from Alhakam, 10 August 1901.

Mirza Ghulam was still alive and here is what he said, printed on page 14 of that issue, he says,

“””At times I (Mirza Ghulam) go for a walk (stroll in park) and at times I (MGA) do not go, usually (most times) I (MGA) go in the morning, and at evenings I rarely go, MY WIFE HAS THE DISEASE OF MIRAAQ, occasionally she comes along with me (for walk) as according to the medical rules, a walk (stroll) is beneficial for her, there are about 15-16 women (friends with the same standing) who take a few helpers (servants) with them. Some women helpers are always with her and it is made sure that they respect the rules of purda (vail). This thing is not common knowledge but is only for her treatment. Some old/frail women also go along with her and it happened 2-4 times in a year and I did not object to it. We do not take our womenfolk inside the park, where, we could order the sons of sweet makers to bring the sweet meats in the park (it must be the custom) we only go up to the park and come back.””


Additional Evidence
Seerat ul Mahdi page 14 Part 1
“””(19) Stated to me by walda sahiba (Nusrat Jehan) that Hazrat Masih Moud received first “case” of vertigo and hysteria few days after the death of our brother Bashir 1 who died in 1888. While sleeping at night his throat got choked and he fell ill afterward. But this was a light “case” .
Few days after this, while going to the mosque he said he was not feeling well. Walda sahiba said, that after some time Shaikh Hamid Ali one of the sincere Ahmadi servants of Hazrat sb, knocked the door and requested for a pail of warm water, she immediately realised that Hazrat sb would not be well. I said to a lady to ask him of hazrat sb. He said he does not seem to be good. Observing purdah, I went to the mosque and saw him lying when came close to him he said My health had got deteriorated too much but now I am well.

“”I was leading the prayer when i Saw a black like thing rose from earth and went up to skies. I screamed and fell down on the ground. I Felt like fainted.”””

Walda sahiba states that after this hazrat sb started receiving “cases” regularly. I asked what the strokes were look like, she said his hands and feet would get cold he would feel strained muscles particularly the muscles of neck and head. He could not stand on feet. In the beginning these strokes were very hard but then hazrat sb got used to it. “””

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