We have found a video of Mirza Tahir Ahmad wherein he claims that the Bahai’s were invented by the Jews. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims to have evidence too. This is a major conspiracy theory. When we say the same about Ahmadiyya, they cry persecution. The original video can be found herein, at the 3:29 mark. It’s titled as, “The Significance of the Number 19 (English)” and seems to be from the late 1990’s.

In 1886, in Surma Chasma Arya, MGA claimed that Muhammad (saw) was a manifestation of God. In 1904, the Al-Hakam claimed that Bahaulah claimed to be the Messiah. In 1904, in Lecture Lahore, MGA and his team mentioned how while going through the 27th August, 1904, edition of Paisa Akhbar, I learned that a gentleman named Hakim Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Irani, who is a follower of someone claiming to be the Messiah, is presently in Lahore and desires to have a Mubahala [prayer-duel] with me. The ROR (english) also discussed the Bahai’s, more info to come. Finally, in the 1990’s a bunch of Ahmadi’s left Ahmadiyya and became Bahai. It should also be noted that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s GOD prayed, ate, fasted and is just like humans.

The tik tok video
The original video
See at the 3:29 mark

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