It seems that Ahmadiyya sources have always been hiding the famous letter that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers wrote to the King of Afghanistan in the 1896-1901, King Ameer Abdur Rahman Khan. Per an Ahmadi mullah (B.A. Rafiq), this letter was hand delivered by Mian Abdul Rahman, who had converted to Ahmadiyya (some time in before October 1st, 1901, he was killed on that day per Ahmadiyya sources). A few weeks later, the king died, he was succeeded by his son, Ameer Habibullah Khan. In 1907 the new King was in British-India on an official visit. This old letter was published in the Al-Hakam of 7th February 1907, Pages 8-10.

It should be noted that the response to this letter was not archived or reported in any Ahmadiyya literature. Per an Ahmadi mullah (B.A. Rafiq), Khwaja Hasan Nizami recorded all of this many years later in a paper entitled, ‘Munade-e-Khwaja’, he reports that the response by the judge was “Come here”, in other words, the King wanted MGA to come to Kabul and make his audacious claims.

The letter from “The Afghan Martyrs” (1995)

Click to access The-Afghan-Martyrs-by-B.A.Rafiq.pdf

See pages 18-24

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful,

“”Praise be to Him and Blessings upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). This humble person Ghulam Ahmad, may Allah pardon him, to His Eminence the Ameer, the King of Kabul. After salutation of peace and invoking His Mercy and Blessings wish to say that the intent behind addressing this letter is to acquaint you that it is only human that when one becomes aware of the existence of a spring of sweet water there would be a natural desire to share that intelligence with others so that they too may derive satisfaction from the life-giving, nourishing water. In
our country you are renowned for being supportive to Islam and Muslims. Therefore I wish to apprise you that whenever there is disorder and people go astray the Almighty always chooses
someone from amongst His servants so that He may guide the lost, grant sight to the blind and enable the indifferent to perform good deeds. For reformation of the faith through a chosen person He imparts knowledge supported by valid arguments and reasoning. In view of the cases of apostasy and because people having lost their sense of direction, have gone astray.

He has appointed this humble person for moral reformation. As during this age a great deal of mischief has been created by the Christian scholars the rebuttal surely lies in the ‘breaking of the cross’. Hence, in fulfillment of the prophecy concerning the second advent of the Messiah, a prophecy which is well known all over, this humble person has been sent in the garb of Messiah. The Holy Quran clearly states that whoever departs from this world once can never come back. However the spirits of the dead do return as ‘Barooz’, i.e. when another comes in his spirit. In the eyes of the Almighty such an appearance is considered a second advent. This is how this term is used in the terminology of the Soofis. Had it been possible for the dead to return then instead of Jesus Christ (PBUH), it would have been more appropriate for the Seal of the Prophets (PBUH) to come the second time. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) never said that he would come back. But he did say that another with his name, i.e. who in the matter of disposition and temperament would bear strong’ resemblance to him, would come. The second advent of Jesus Christ (PBUH) was also to occur in exactly the same way. There is no precedence for an alternative appearance, that is why Imam Malik, Imam Ibne Hazm, Imam Bukhari and some other great Imams held views identical to mine. However, the common folk
always want to believe in strange phenomena. They are not conversant with this issue i.e. proximity to the Almighty. The theory that Jesus Christ (PBUH) will descend from Heaven in his
physical form has become embedded in their minds. They seem to believe that when Jesus (PB UH) descends from above he will be riding a chandelier of fire and it will be a day of great festivity. One will hear slogans of ‘Here he comes. Here he comes.’ This concept is not in accord with the normal Divine practice. If the prophets were to descend in this manner and if the Omnipotence of the Almighty was to be exhibited in this manner, faith in the unseen would become a joke.

Those who believe that Jesus Christ (PBUH) is alive in the Heavens are surely mistaken. There is repeated mention of the passing away of the Messiah (PBUH) in the Holy Quran. The Hadeeth of Miraaj which has been related five times by Imam Bukhari affirms that the Messiah (PBUH) was amongst those prophets who had passed away. How then can he be alive? The belief that the Messiah (PBUH) is alive is contrary to the Holy Quran and Hadeeth. Again the verse, “but since Thou didst cause me to die, Thou hast been the Watcher over them,” ( 5: 118) proves that the Christians distorted their beliefs after the death of Jesus (PBUH) and certainly not during his life time. If we accept that Jesus (PBUH) is still alive we will necessarily have to agree that the Christian doctrine is a misinterpretation. We know very well that this is not the case.

Therefore anyone who believes that the Holy Quran contains the decisive and fmal mandate must necessarily accept that Jesus (PBUH) has died. I have presented detailed and reasoned
arguments in my books.

It was obviously necessary that in the latter days someone from amongst the followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) should appear in the garb of Jesus (PBUH). ‘Breaking of the cross is clearly referred to in the above quoted Hadeeth from Bukhari. The advent of such a person was to occur at a time when the Christians were in a dominant position. Every sane person is fully aware that in the current age domination of the Christians is such that there is no parallel in ages gone by .. They have used the manoeuvre of deception to the extreme and. their domination lends support to the belief that they are the ‘anti Christ’ who have altered and distorted the Holy Books and have had them published in two thousand languages. By unscrupulously modifying the heavenly books they have enthroned a human being as God. If we examine the situation dispassionately we would become convinced that they do deserve to be labelled anti Christ. The very anti Christ, the great anti Christ that we have been waiting for.

Apart from that there is mention regarding the eclipse of the sun and the moon by Imam Baaqar in Dare Qutni. This sign has already appeared in our country. The mischief by the Christians has exceeded all limits. There is a commotion in the Heavens as their scholars and philosophers, by word of mouth and by writing, with great audacity abused the ‘Seal of the Prophets’. Hence this humble person has been appointed to bring matters to a head. Whenever disorder assumes a dominant shape it has always been the Divine custom to send a reformer. Whoever has eyes should be able to see how the fire of disorder is raging and how with axes in their hand a class are attacking Islam.

All those who feel for Islam must now reflect and contemplate if what is happening is right or wrong. In view of the turmoil at the end of the thirteenth century, at the beginning of the fourteenth century was it not necessary for the Almighty to pay attention to the reformation of the faith? This humble person has been sent as the current mischievous happenings call for a spiritual cure.

(A Persian verse by the Promised Messiah (PBUH) can be rendered into English as follows:)

I have been granted light for the Christians and I have been named
‘Son of Mary’.
Supportive signs are being shown by the Heavens and the earth is
crying out, “This is the time”.
Both Heaven and Earth present testimony to my truth.
Addressing me the Almighty has said, “This is the task of Allah, the Knowing, the Wise and the One hidden from human eyes. II There is ample reward for one who recognizes me before clear Signs appear.

I have no concern with any government or kingdom of this world. I was born humble and I will depart a humble man. To the inhabitants of all countries of the world I have been sent to present supportive arguments concerning the truth of Islam in a delicate and cordial manner. Hence I do not seek anything from the British Government or the British Empire under whose rule I spend my days in peace. However I do thank the Almighty for having entrusted me with the service of the Faith during the era of a government that maintains order. Under the British rule in spite of my helplessness and the commotion created by the opposing leaders, I am enabled to discharge my duty peacefully. How can I then help but be grateful? Unless I express my gratitude to this government I cannot be judged as an appreciative person who has adequately expressed his gratitude to the Almighty. If I attempt to hide this fact I would be unjust. Opportunities and freedom for propagation of Islam are equal to those provided to the Christian clergy for propagation of their faith. Whereas I have financial problems, for the publication of the Bible, and falsehood and the Gospels the Christian scholars have access to hundreds of thousands of rupees that are contributed by European Christians. As in the matter of their faith Muslims themselves have been negligent it is not the British Government but they themselves who are at fault. At a time when help is needed, based on a pack of lies and their hypocritical conjectures, they waste their time. They remain engaged in promoting their worldly station and position and do not realize that currently Islam is surrounded by opponents when every other faith has jumped into the arena. This is the time to serve Islam by presenting logical arguments and thus rebutting all kinds of criticism. This is the time to prove to our own and all others the truth of the Holy Quran. This is the time to foster respect for the Words of the Illustrious God. In this contest between truth and falsehood we must use our best endeavors to ensure that the victorious banner remains in the hands of Islam. With all our heart and soul we must strive to free all those who have been imprisoned by Christian whims and prevent others from destruction through disorder and apostasy.

This is the task that has been entrusted to me. With open arms both Europe and Japan are waiting for these gifts and America is also waiting for an invitation from us and if we remain idle now it will be tantamount to being unproductive. In short this is the task that has been entrusted to me and I wish and hope that He may provide helpers for its fulfillment. We’re anxiously waiting for a breeze to blow with which will bear glad tidings.”

Al-Hakam, 7th February 1907, Pages 8-10,


In Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA ascribed this prophecy to Maulawi Sahibzadah ‘Abdul-Latif and his auspicious disciple Sheikh ‘Abdur-Rahman.

Dr. Basharat Ahmad also mentions MGA’s letter to the Afghan king (see Mujadid-e-Azim).


In the 1896–1901 era, Ahmadiyya sources tell us that MGA and his team of writers wrote about Ibn Hazm as they explained the claims of MGA to the Afghani King. 

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