Ahmadis lie about everything. Don’t even think that an Ahmadi is even capable of telling the truth. In terms of the age of MGA, MGA had clearly written that he was born in either 1839 or 1840. In fact, all the way upto May of 1908, this was the Ahmadiyya position. However, when MGA died abruptly in 1908, they began trying to change the Date of Birth. In this blog entry, we have simply added another piece of evidence which convicts Ahmadiyya leadership as liars and the worst group of Mullahs ever.

The quote in the below is MGA in court in Gurdaspur, this was the famous “Case of the Wall”. Mirza Nizam ud Din and Mirza Ghulam Jilani.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Al-Hakam dated 31st July 1901, or could be May 16

“Allah is present, I swear whatever I will say will be the truth, and nothing but the truth. My age is nearly 60 YEARS and Mirza Ghulam Jilaani was one of my ancestors..”

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