As we all know, Ahmadi’s are inconsistent about the birth of MGA. They began this back-peddling in June of 1908, as soon as MGA died. We have found some additional data to add to the growing pieces of data which prove that MGA was born in 1839-40. In 1902, Mirza Khuda Bakhsh (who was an employee of MGA and living in MGA’s house)(His other name is Allah Ditta Julundhri) of MGA wrote a book entitled, “Asla Musaffa” in english as “Pure Honey”. In this book he told the world that MGA was born in 1839 or 1840, he even read it out in-front of MGA. The first edition of the book published in 1901 carried the year of birth as 1839-40 while the 2nd edition of 1913 was amended to make it 1836-39 (listen to Zia Rasool of the Aaqa ka Ghulam youtube channel herein at the 14:00 minute mark). Furthermore, even Noorudin wrote a book that was published in 1904, and he also claimed that MGA was born in 1839-40. The beginning of the changes happened in the ROR of July 1908 asserted that MGA’s correct year of birth was 1836 or 1837 (see page 235). They finally landed on 1835 by the 1930′s.

In this book, Mirza Khuda Bakhsh also wrote that Allah told MGA that Eisa (As)=Yuz Asaf (see Shams ud Din at the 1:15:21 mark). See our detailed entry on 23:50 also. Also read how Khalifa Nur-ud-Din lied about 72 witnesses and 570 ulema of Kashmir believing that Yuz Asaf=Eisa (as). 
“Asla Musaffa” in english as “Pure Honey”

Mirza Khuda Bakhsh writes that Allah told MGA that his grave Eisa (as) is in Mohallah, Khanyar, Srinagar (see also Shams ud Din at the 1:15:21 mark). This is page-2 of the 2nd Volume.

On the first page it says :

“jub is tehreek (ahmadiyyat)  kaa aghaz hooa islam per charoon taraf say hamlaa ho raha thaa. Aik aitraaz jo islam per hamlaa kernay kay leeya isaiyon (christians) kay haath main zaberdust hathiayaar thaa, jis kaa kisee bhee jeht (angle) say koee bhee jawaab musalmanon say bun naheen per rahaa tha, wo yay thaakay ‘hamaara masih sadiaan guzernay kay bawajood ab bhee asmaan per be jasad e ansaree zinda moujood hai, aour tumhara rasool yasrab kee ser zameen main madfoon hai. Khood hee insafun bataao, kay asmanon per zinda masih afzal hooa yaa tumhaara fout shudaa zameen main mudfoon rasool, our phir agar tumhaaray rasool kee umat bigar jaaygee to is kee islah kay liyay tuharay rasook kee quat e qudsia itnee kamzoor hai kay us kee umat main say koi farad naheen, bulkay masih hee aayay gaa. muslmaan is sawal say zitch hooay laykin un ka paas is kaa koi jawab naa thaa.”

Jawab toO above is on the 2nd page:

Hazrat aqdas Masih Moud baani silsila nay baray zoor kay saath pehlay (above) sawal kay jawab main fernaaya, kay islam per mouterzon (people who object) kee yay buniyaad hee ghalat hai kay masih nasiree bejasam ansree ab tuk zinda moujood hain, bulkay wo fout ho chukay hain, gis tarah aaj tuk tamaam rasool aour nabi aour ouliyaa fout hotay chalay aaiy hain AOU JAISAY KAY ALLAH TAALA NAY UNHAIN BATAYA KAY MOHALA KHANIYAAR SRINAGAR KASHMIR MAIN UN KEE QABAR MOUJOOD HAI”

Asal Musaffa vol 2 PAGE 2

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