As we all know, Ahmadi’s are inconsistent about the birth of MGA. They began this back-peddling in June of 1908, as soon as MGA died. We have found some additional data to add to the growing pieces of data which prove that MGA was born in 1839-40. In 1902, Mirza Khuda Bakhsh (who was an employee of MGA and living in MGA’s house) of MGA wrote a book entitled, “Asla Musaffa” in english as “Pure Honey”. In this book he told the world that MGA was born in 1839 or 1840, he even read it out in-front of MGA. The first edition of the book published in 1901 carried the year of birth as 1839-40 while the edition of 1913 was amended to make it 1836-39. Furthermore, even Noorudin wrote a book that was published in 1904, and he also claimed that MGA was born in 1839-40. The beginning of the changes happened in the ROR of July 1908 asserted that MGA’s correct year of birth was 1836 or 1837 (see page 235). They finally landed on 1835 by the 1930′s.

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