After the reading her book, it is obvious that there is no one buried in the tomb of Yuz Asaf, as Reverend Weitbrecht proved in 1903. Reverend H.U. Weitbrecht proved in 1902-1903 that there was no one buried in the alleged tomb of Yuz Asaf. The only person buried there is Syed Nasir ud Din (See ROR, 1903, November). He also proves that after Syed Nasir ud Din was buried there, about 100 years after or so, the caretakers of the tomb began touting is as the tomb of Yuz Asaf and sometimes ISSA, only to make money. This was also proved later when the caretakers of the tomb admitted to it. Suzanne Olsson tells us that uptil 1972, Shabzada Ghulam Mohid-ud-din was the caretaker, after him, Basharat Shaheem took over. By 1996, Muhammad Amin Ringshawl was the caretaker of the tomb. He clearly tells the world that Eisa (as) is not buried there. He was interviewed by a random african-british researcher back in the 90’s, he interviewed Ghulam Nabi Ringhshal, you can see the short interview here (at the 1:08:15 mark). We have also archived it here at the Ahmadiyyafacthcheckblog youtube page (at the 6:00 mark).

Suzanne Olsson supports the Ahmadiyya Movement wholeheartedly and see’s them as a better group of Muslims than 99% of Muslims in the world. She also shares the belief that Eisa (as)= Yuz Asaf. In 1996, author Laurence Gardner published ‘Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Olsson realized that her family was mentioned in Gardner’s ‘Grail King’ charts (King Baldwin of Jerusalem, of the Baldwin-des Marets lineage) and contacted him. Gardner acknowledged her work and theories in his book, ‘The Magdalene Legacy’ (2005 edition, Harper-Collins Publishers, pp. 358-359, 360.)

Her story makes no sense, she claims that she arrived in Pakistan in 2001 and got into the Kashmir side of India. This really makes no sense. The attack of 9-11-2001 happened soon thereafter also. This is virtually impossible. Nevertheless, Ahmadiyya sources in 2004 claim that she was India and trying to get permits and etc. She also had started the The ‘DNA of God’ Project, which is based on the Genome Project through National Geographic DNA She explains in her book how she made several visits to Washington DC to discuss her Project with National Geographic and seek their support. She published her book in 2002 from Bangkok, Thaliand, and then a second edition appeared in 2005. A 3rd and 4th edition seems to have also appeared.

The book review

Suzanne Olsson makes a huge mistake the claims that the Ahmadiyya Movement is in the millions. She must have been told lies by Ahmadi’s. She mentions the 2010 attack on the Ahmadiyya places of worship in Lahore and thus, proves that this portion of the book was written after 2010. She mentions the fraudulent book of Aziz Kashmiri (the lahori-Ahmadi)(1967). She also mentioned the work by Holger Kersten. She also quotes Khwaja Nazir Ahmad’s, “Jesus in Heaven on Earth (1952). She also mentions “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat” and ” Tarikh-i-Azami”, however, she doesn’t tell us how those books tell the world that Yuz Asaf was the son of local King, not Jesus.

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Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb. Gateway Books, 2005-2019-  ISBN-13: 978-0578496269
Fida Hassnain and Suzanne Olsson,  Roza Bal The Tomb of Jesus. BookSurge, 2008. ISBN 978-


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