Tarikh-i-Azami was written by Muhammed Azam Didamari, he was a Sufi Kashmiri writer in the Persian language. Khawaja means “master”, Kaul is a surname meaning pundit, Didamari means from the Didamar quarter of Srinagar. His history entitled Waqiat-i-Kashmir (The Story of Kashmir), also known after the writer’s name as Tarikh-i-Azami (History by Azam), was published in Persian in 1747. Urdu translations were published by Munshi Ashraf Ali (Delhi, 1846), and Khwaja Hamid Yazdani (Jammu, 1988). After his death his son Khwaja Muhammad Aslam added to the work with his Gauhar-i-Alam (Jewels of the World). In the below, we have posted the PDF’s of the relevant pages of Waqiat-i-Kashmir aka Tarikh-i-Azami. It should be noted that in MGA’s book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see pages 30-31, they only quoted half of the relevant quote, and the reason was because the first few sentences assert that Yuz Asaf was the son of a King, not a fatherless man.


The exact quote
The relevant portion is page No. 86 lower side and here is the translation :-

“Hazrat Syed Nasiruddin Khanyari belongs to magnificent Sadat (from the linage of holy prophet pbuh), he was amongst those who wants to remain in hiding. In an event he made his appearance at the grave of blessed Mir sahib at Mohallah Khanyar. This grave is the place of epicentre of light (Noor). There is a grave stone lies near to it. It is famous among common men that this is the last resting place of a prophet who was deputed for this place in the ancient times. The place is known to be a prophet’s place. One of a history books describes a far flung story that one of the sons of a king came here to gain piety he remained busy in the prayers (ibadat & riazat) of “his God” day and night and was deputed as prophet for the peoples of the area. He came to Kashmir to call the people towards “his God” (dawah) and was buried here after death. In that book his name is mentioned as Yuz Asaf. Most of the pious people particularly the murshid of this author Mullah Inayatullah says he smells the traces of prophethood at this place, however definite knowledge rests with Allah”.

The scan

The PDF’s

Tareekh E Kashmir Didamary

Last page Hazrat Masih AS Kashmir Janat E Nazeer Main (1)


Ahmadiyya sources quoted Tarikh-e-A’zami in MGA’s book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see pages 30-31, they also quoted “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat”, however, its spelled slightly differently, “Ikmal-ud-Din Wa Itmam-un-Ni’mat”.

The quote from ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see pages 30-31

“”On page 82 of Tarikh-e-Kashmir A’zami, written approximately 200 years ago, it is recorded:
‘The second grave near the tomb of Sayyid Naseer-ud-Deen is generally thought to be of a Messenger.’

Then, on the same page this historian writes:

“”A prince arrived in Kashmir from some other land. He was a paragon of piety, righteousness, devotion and worship. God appointed him as a Prophet after which he travelled to Kashmir and engaged himself in preaching to the Kashmiris. His name was Yuz Asaf. Many a recipient of true visions from God—and in particular Mullah Inayatullah, who is the spiritual guide of this author—have said that this grave emits the blessings of prophethood.

This passage is in the Persian Tarikh-e-A’zami, which has been translated above.”””
The ROR of May 1904

It is quoted in the ROR of May-1904 and spelled as ‘Tarikh-i-Aazami’ (see pages 191-192).
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