In 1931, a scottish ex-military person named Abdullah R. Scott converted to Ahmadiyya, he even visited Qadian and gave his thoughts in the ROR. He arrived in Qadian 9th May 1931 and stayed for two months. He seems to have quit Ahmadiyya soon thereafter. Bashir Ahmad Orchard was another englishman who joined and became an imam, as is Ibrahim Noonan. He mentions the Noor hospital and how his son was sick and was admitted. He claims that Qadiani is barely 2 square miles and has a population of 7000. The ROR of Jan-Fen-1920 has reported that there were 2500 Ahmadi’s living in Qadian in early 1920. In the 1970’s, a professor, Muhammad Aslam reported that there were 1300 Ahmadi’s living in Qadian.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________He penned an 11 page article “My Impression of Qadian”

Review of Religions, August 1931, page 185

He writes:  who could have thought that the insignificant village of Qadian and that lonely person in his place solitude, whom very few knew or cared to know, would become the centre of attraction of the whole world and would flourish in so short a time. Yet all this was prophesied by the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) years before he proclaimed the news of his advent and which alone is, in my humble opinion, a very strong argument in proof of his claim even if there had been no other sign. Let those seekers after truth who are not already acquainted with the full facts concerning the Ahadiyya Movement and its Holy Founder, do so early, for, herein they will find unlimited treasures.

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