In 1927, a recently converted Ahmadi, who was newly living in Qadian named Mistri Abdul Karim made some shocking accusations against Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa)(Ahmadiyya sources give his name as Fazal Karim Mistri). He claimed that Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa) regularly engaged in adultery (See also Tareekh ahmadiyyat vol 5 page 185 and 186). He called Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa) to accept a Mubahila challenge and let God be the judge on the veracity of these allegations. Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa) replied that a Mubahila of this sort was against the Sharia, that Mubahila is always issued by the innocent party against the one making a false claim. Mistri Abdul Karim continued to make these allegations and called for stepping down of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa). A few other Ahmadis also joined him and he started publishing the details of his accusations in his paper, the “Mubahila.” In 1930, the paper claimed that there was a conspiracy being hatched to get Mistri and his friends killed. A few weeks later in April of 1930, things began to heat up, the Khalifa mentioned the Mistri (masons) family in his Friday Sermons and even claimed it was OK to kill these ex-ahmadi’s. Thus, on April 24th, 1930, an accomplice of Mistri Abdul Karim named Haji Muhammad Hussain was murdered in outside of Qadian, close to Batala. Haji Muhammad Hussain also attempted murder on Mistri Abdul Karim. The Khalifa mentioned this incident in a Friday sermon and called the victims as guilty for inciting violence. The 2nd Khalifa claimed that Qazi Muhammad Ali was a pathan and applauded his murder in the very next friday sermon. Qazi Muhammad Ali was arrested and sent to jail where proceedings of his case started on 1st November 1930.

After the proceedings Capital Punishment was awarded to Qazi Muhammad Ali under two charges, Murder and attempted Murder. Appeal was filed in higher courts but rejected, consequently Qazi Muhammad Ali was hanged on 21 May 1931. Qazi Muhammad Ali was hanged on May 21, 1931. Qazi Mohammad Ali was made into a full hero of the jamaat. In official newspaper of Mirzaies they published an article with Heading “Splendid end of respected Qazi Muhammad Ali”. His body was kept in the exact spot that promised Messiah’s body was kept before burial. His full page photo was published and distributed in the folds of one of the Al-Fazals. His final message to the Jamaat before being hanged was also published if I am not mistaken. Also for months in advance of this murder, the ulema of Jamaat went to each and every Jamaat and made speeches of a provocative nature and passed resolutions, calling for action by government against blasphemers, failing which the responsibility of something happening would be on the government. Not related to this episode but wasn’t there also a sub-inspector in Qadian who met his ‘tragic’ end? I have read it somewhere but can’t recall the details. Khosla mentioned this story briefly in 1934.


On 22 November 1927, an announcement was published by the 2nd Khalifa in Al Fazl regarding this very conspiracy:

The Jamaat must have come to know, through the note which was published by Al Fazl a few days ago, that some people, who were apparently part of the Jamaat but in reality had no connection with it due to their hypocrisy, have revolted against me and the nizam-e-Jamaat […]

“Now, I leave their case to Allah the Exalted for He is the Best of Judges. He will certainly protect the Jamaat with His mighty signs.”

This is how it transpired and Allah the Exalted protected the 2nd Khalifa and the entire Ahmadiyya Jamaat from it. Neither were their false allegations substantiated, nor did they succeed in trying [Huzoor] for attempted murder.

Not only this, but the actual reality of the seditionists who were stirring up this agitation, with the backing of the opposing maulvis, non-Muslim opponents and Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib, the amir of the ghair-mubai‘een, was exposed.

The 2nd Khalifa mentioned::

“During the past few days, based on the product of their own imagination, they [the Mistris] gave rise to the idea among themselves that a certain attempt was being made against them. These people committed some unwarranted actions due to the reasons above – also mentioned in their newspaper (Mubahala). One of them was angry that he did not get married to the woman he desired. Then, his own son-in-law got married to the same woman. Those who become depraved, also become bent upon avenging their hatred in an immoral manner. That is why he started saying things that constituted allegations and false accusations. When I heard about it, I called the father and the son and said to them, ‘I hear you people are saying such and such things. My religious position aside, but you know that my family is the sole owner of this town. I would have considered your intention as well-meaning, if you [were also prepared to] go to some village and make an allegation against one of the landlords who owns even 10 acres of land let alone against the sole owner of that village.

“However, you would not even dare to go to a small hamlet and accuse a sweeper but here you use dirty and vile language against us. There is an acknowledgement in your own actions that since I would not avenge your actions, that is why you are daring to carry them out. Otherwise, either you say that there is no other person in this village who can be accused of the same things, or, if you admit that such an accusation can be made against someone, why do you not dare make it?

“Thus, what you are saying against me is not because of your truthfulness but because of my decency. You know that if you said something about someone else, they would be ready to deal with it in every way possible. However, there is no such threat from me to you. This way of yours is an acknowledgement of my decency and an expression of your depravity.”

“On that occasion, they told me that, ‘What is being said about us is wrong and people are lying.’ Then one of them narrated his dream, saying, ‘I have been told to request you for prayers.’ However, I found out that they later went to people and said, ‘He tried to reassure us, but we were not reassured.’ Now, they have gone to the courts and have claimed, ‘We were told to desist or else he would straighten us out.’” 
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ April 8th, 1930, via Al-Fazl

Title: “Let us make it very clear to the mischief-makers and the government, filthy and shameless mischief cannot be tolerated.”

“For some time in Qadian, a handful of dishonorable morons, who belong to an ignoble and lowly class, have started a very inflammatory and extremely offensive propaganda against the Jamaat and its Holy Imam, with the help of other mischief-mongers…. Now these people are spitting venom and publishing repeatedly in the papers that Khalifa Qadian is inciting his followers to kill us.

(paraphrasing this part: These guys should know that the Khalifa Qadian has a large following that is ready to die at his command, and if he had given such an order, you would not have been in this world and spewing such venom for the last two years)

We want to bring to the attention of the government once again that we are no angels, we are also human beings. Like other humans, we too have a heard that is filled with blood. Although we have accepted Ahmadiyyat and dedicated our lives and souls to the establishment of peace as directed by Islam, not everyone has the power to tolerate such offense. And if such a person, compelled by their passionate sense of honor, decides to put an end to these despicable people, then the blame will rest firstly on these very people who are hurting the sentiments of the majority community, and secondly on the government that has turned a blind eye to these atrocities.”
April 11th, 1930, via a Friday Sermon, the Khalifa said:

“Some Muslim and Hindu papers are stating that Mistri party is the victim, and the Ahmadis are the aggressors who are oppressing them severely. One paper even referred to them as “maulana” when in fact these guys are a most ignorant people.”

April 23rd, 1930

Mistri Abdul Karim is attacked, his accomplice murdered

A few days later, Mistri Abdul Kareem and his accomplice Haji Muhammad Hussain were attacked outside Qadian (Batala) by an Ahmadi, Qazi Muhamamd Ali. Haji Muhammad Hussain was murdered during the attack.
April 27th, 1930

In Al Fazal, 27 April, 1930, the following was published:

“April 24, 1930: We have heard the news of a murder that happened last evening. A Pathan Ahmadi has been reported as the murderer, and the murdered man reportedly belonged to the administration of the “Mubahila” newspaper.” (paper of the Mistri party)

“If this is true, it is a very sad incident and Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya has nothing to do with it… But we must not ignore the fact that the real responsibility of such incidents lies with the extremely filthy and offensive literature that is published against religious figureheads by their opponents. And it is very unfortunate that no governmental law exists at this time to counter such literature.”

The ”Mubahila” paper has been publishing extremely inflammatory and very filthy propaganda against our Imam for quite some time now… leading the nation down a dangerous and violent path… In these circumstances, if a passionate Ahmadi lost his mind and committed this act, then although this act is very unfortunate, the real blame for it lies with the mischief-mongers who have disturbed the peace of the country by publishing extremely filthy and inflammatory literature.”
May 2nd, 1930
In the following Friday sermon, the Khalifa requested special prayers for Qazi Muhammad Ali (the murderer). He said:

“…also remember in special prayers that brother of ours who we are told has attacked someone in response to severe incitement.”

Nov. 1st, 1930

Qazi Muhammad Ali was arrested and sent to jail where proceedings of his case started on 1st November 1930.
May 21st, 1931

After the proceedings Capital Punishment was awarded to Qazi Muhammad Ali under two charges, Murder and attempted Murder. Appeal was filed in higher courts but rejected, consequently Qazi Muhammad Ali was hanged on 21 May 1931.
May 22nd, 1931

Al Fazal, on May 22, 1931, published his obituary. It said:

“Qazi Muhammad Ali had a lot of good attributes. The one that is most apparent was his sense of honor for his faith (eemani ghairat). Whatever is said of the act he carried out, we cannot doubt the fact that underlying it all was an exceptional passion for his faith. There are different levels of reverence people have for faith, sone have no reverence, others have a little, and yet others have a lot. As the faith becomes stronger, this reverence and honor increases in a like manner. The thing we find very clearly manifest in Qazi Muhammad Ali Sahib’s example is his exceptional reverence for his faith and his sense of honor… Those who do not have any reverence for faith have no right to criticize his actions.”
May 29th, 1931


Later, on 29 May, 1931, the 2nd Khalifa gave a Khutba in praise of Qazi Muhammad Ali. (Reference:, topic of Khutba: Why Qazi Muhammad Ali is worthy of praise). In this sermon, he says:

“the truth is.. that the responsibility (of such acts) lies with those who create these conditions. Some Hindus wrote books against Islam and some got killed. The person who creates such conditions shares greater responsibility for the murder than the murderer.”
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