In the early 2000’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claimed that all spirits in heaven will be gender neutral.
This seems to be totally against the islamic concept of the afterlife. We have archived this clip on tik tok too. Mirza Tahir Ahmad read out Quran 89:27-28. Mirza Tahir Ahmad even argues that these verses are feminine and thus the soul will be feminine in the afterlife. Grammatically, the WORD nafs is feminine. Shams is also feminine. But it isn’t a female. Tilaawah, qiraa-aah, risaalah, nubuwwah, aayah and aayat are all in the feminine form. They do not make them females or women. They have no biological or anatomical effect. This is a mere grammatical reference. A linguistic one. Men do not become gender neutral. Same for women. As for the hooris, then they are referred to as females because Allaah says in sooraturrahmaan, that none has touched them females before, not man nor jinn. Lam yatmith HUNNA insun qablahum WA laa jaan.

In 1895-1896, via Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, MGA claimed that per 89:27-28 could be achieved on Earth (see pages 6-7 and 104-105). 4 years earlier, MGA had argued the opposite from 89:27–30 as he tried to prove that Eisa (As) is dead (see izala auham).

Grammatical analysis of 89:25-28

The islamic concept of Houris

The houris are mentioned in several passages of the Quran, always in plural form. No specific number is ever given in the Quran for the number of houris accompanying each believer.

Quranic description of Virgins in heaven

In the tafsirs and commentaries on the Quran, Houris (virgins in heaven) are described as:

  • 36:55[5] “Companions”,[6]
  • 37:48[7] “with large and beautiful eyes”,[8]
  • 38:52[9] “companions of modest gaze well matched (at thirty-three years of age according to some commentators)”[10]
  • 44:54[11] wide and beautiful eyes”,[12]
  • 52:20[13] “beautiful houris of wide and beautiful eyes”,[14]
  • 55:56[15][16][17] “untouched beforehand by man or jinn”,[18] 55:58 “as elegant as rubies and coral”,[19] 55:72[20] “bright-eyed damsels in sheltered in pavilions”,[21] 55:74[22] “untouched by any man”,[23] “reclining on green cushions and beautiful carpets”,[24]
  • 56:8[25][26][27] 56:22[28] “with intensely black eyes set against the whiteness of their irises”,[29] 56:35[30] “created without the process of birth”,[31]
  • 78:31–33[32][33] and as “splendid companions”.[34]

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