Mirza Farid Ahmad (born in 1951 at Rabwah), also spelled Mirza Fareed Ahmad is a son of the 3rd Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad. When his father was the Khalifa, he ran wild at Rabwah, he committed high levels of fraud and many other things, see the testimony of Affaf Azhar herein (at the 16:00 mark). Affaf Azhar has also exposed Ahmadiyya on men masturbating at Rabwah and many other things herein. She also explains how men at Rabwah would call her house and talk sexually. These men were caught, however, the management at Rabwah refused to punish them. Affaf also explains how women from Rabwah were taken outside of Rabwah and forced into a life of sex trafficking. In 2021, his niece, Nisa Al-Nasser reported multiple cases of rape at the Ahmadiyya headquarters in Rabwah and Tilford. His brother, Mirza Luqman Ahmad was 10 times worse is known as a gangster of Rabwah.

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