Watch my tik tok on this topic herein and instagram and youtube channel. Watch my 2nd tik tok too. In December of 1923, Seeratul Mahdi’s first edition was published. There was immediate backlash from the Muslims of India in terms of MGA’s lifestyle. In terms of pig fat, MGA had the habit of eating biscuits and cake’s which were most likely made with pig fat. Pig fat was used by the Europeans in many ways. In fact, the enfield rifle was required to be lubed by pig/beef capsules. This caused the famous rebellion of 1857. The story of MGA and his eating habits were given in extreme detail in Seeratul Mahdi.

Nevertheless, the Muslims of India immediately accused MGA of indiscriminately eating biscuits and other treats without caring to check if they had pig fat or not. This seems to have triggered the Ahmadiyya Movement to respond. Thus, in February of 1924, the assistant editor of the Al-Fazl magazine, Mehr Muhammad Khan found a fatwa from MGA from MGA’s diary and published it in the Al-Fazl of 22nd February, 1924. In this fabricated fatwa, MGA accused Muhammad (Saw) of eating cheese that was known to have pig fat in it. However, this is a lie, this never happened. Recently, Razi, the murrabi-in-training who owns the Ahmadi answers website has claimed that MGA was referring to Fathul Mu’in Sharhu Qur’atil Ain by Sheikh Zainul-Abidin Bin Abdul Aziz, under the heading Babus Salat. However, MGA never gave a reference, and this is not a hadith and it doesn’t mention pig fat at all.

It should be noted that the diary of MGA seems to have been a missing manuscript and thus totally doctored by the Khalifa at Qadian as the need arose to write a fatwa. Which is exactly what happened in this case.

The title of the essay in Al-Fazl is, “Hazrat Maseeh e Maud ka eik prana Maktub”, in english as “Hazrat Promised Messiah’s old letter”. In this fake letter, Ahmadi’s assert that MGA was claiming that if it is unknown if a food has pig fat in it, then, there is no sin in eating it and he accused Muhammad (saw) as such.

My person experiences with pig fat

When I was a kid (1980’s), my dad found out that there was gelatin (pig fat) in marshmallows and thus our cereal has pig in it. My dad threw all the cereals out immediately. My dad didn’t know the fatwa of MGA.
Malfuzat, vol.4, page 66, 1960 edition
Malfuzat, vol. 7, page 86, 1984 edition
Al badar volume 3, number 27, page 3-4, July 16 1904
Al Hakam volume 8, number 22, page 12, July 10 1904

“””In our estimation, that food of the Christians (nasara) is hilaal, that which has no doubt, this is according to the Quran, not haraam. Otherwise (if this was your attitude) this would mean some (foods) are haraam and they wouldn’t be eaten in the house, however, outside food from the hand of Christians (nasara) has been eaten. And the Christians (nasara), its not just them. If one Muslim is of doubtful personality (insane), even his food shouldn’t be eaten. For example, one muslim is insane, and he doesnt realize the differences between hilaal and haraam. In this case, his food and the prepared meals cannot be trusted. This is why, in my house, we don’t allow the eating of english biscuits, instead, in India (hindustan), we get biscuits made by a Hindu company.”””

“”“”Humarray nazdeeq nasira ka whotaam (arabic word for food) hilaal hay, jis may shuba na ho (doubt), aur az-roo-ay Quranay majeed(according to the Quran), wo haraam na ho. Verna uskay yahee manaay houng-gay kay baaz ashia ko haraam jaan ker gar may to na ka-ea, magar bahr nasira ke khaat se kha leeya. Aur nasara per hee kya mun-hasar hay? Agar eik musalman bee mushkook ul haal ho to uska kanaa bee nahay ka sakhtay. Muslun, aikh musalman deevanaa hay, aur usay haraam aur hilaal kee habar nahee hai. To asee soorat may, uskay ta-aam ya tyar kerda chees-o per kya atbar ho sak ta hai? is-leeyah hum gar may valeity biscuit nahee istaml kernay day-tay, balke, hindustan kee, hindu company kay mungway kertay hai””””

Ref—Seeratul Mahdi, vol. 1, part-2, pages 422–427, 2018 online urdu edition,

Story #447, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, heard this from Mir Muhammad Ismail, page 409–413, all the way to 422+

In the below, you will see scans from Seeratul Mahdi, wherein it is stated that MGA would eat biscuits indiscriminately. In fact, MGA didn’t care if they were made of FAT.

“”Balkay wilaeiti biscuitoh ko bhi jaiz fur ma tay tha, 

The quote from the Al-Fazl of 1924
Al-Fadl Qadiyan, 22nd February, 1924

“Hadrat Muhammad used to eat cheese made by the Christians even though it was well known that lard (pig fat) was mixed in it.”

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