Watch my video explanation on this herein. In a recent interview with Naya Daur TV, Amjad Khan lies excessively about Ahmadiyya asylum and persecution. They should have interviewed Affaf Azhar or Noman Alam, who have exposed the Mirza families role in Ahmadiyya persecution and the asylum scandal. Watch my video on this herein. If you have been following along, Affaf Azhar blew the whistle on the Ahmadi refugee asylum scandal in Malaysia. Affaf Azhar is currently in the legal process of filing for defamation against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada Inc. Affaf also mentioned how Humanity First Canada was involved and refusing to give food rations to the Ahmadi’s who are stuck in refugee camps in Malaysia. Affaf Azhar started a famous whatsapp group for Ahmadi’s stuck in refugee status all around the world, Affaf was working with other NGO’s and was thus able to observe the Ahmadiyya Movement and their fraudulent operations in Malaysia and around the world.

Amjad Khan did this because he was ordered by the Ahmadiyya Khalifa, this is the Qadiani-Ahmadi strategy to get more Ahmadi’s to the west on asylum and thus fuel the Ahmadiyya chanda business. We have exposed the lies of Amjad Khan many times in the past, see here. About 10 years ago, Amjad Khan got many Ahmadi’s in Malaysia released and brought to the USA. We weren’t able to properly archive that. Nevertheless, in the below, we have given a full review of his interview with Rabia Mehmood.

Noman Alam and Affaf Azhar explain how over the past 10 years, the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad had told Pakistani-Ahmadis to leave Pakistan and get visit visa’s to Malaysia and many other places (unofficially). This has caused roughly 5000 Pakistani-Ahmadi’s to be stuck in Malaysia in 2021. In fact, their lives have been destroyed by the Ahmadiyya Movement, they have been living in extreme poverty, their daughters have been raped, and they still have to give chanda. Recently, Affaf Azhar and Noman Alam did a video program with Zouq e Tanqeed youtube channel. In this video, they explained how Ahmadi’s are stuck in Malaysia, along with 5000 Pakistani Christians and Atheists. Affaf Azhar is an ex-Ahmadi (and a free thinker), the host of this program is a Christian. It was this video and other work that Affaf has done which has caused the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada to openly attack her via an official letter.

Full analysis

—-at 1:21, they presented a list of incidents, deaths and injuries that have happened to the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan, however, these are all lies and unverifiable. They don’t even give the years. It seems to be data fed from Ahmadi’s

—-at 1:45 she presents data from a violence registry, however, is unclear as to where this came from. It seems to be data fed from Ahmadi’s

—-at 1:58, she presents data again from an unknown source and claims that property of Ahmadi’s is even getting forcibly taken. She even claims that Ahmadiyya businesses have been boycotted, however, she forget that Shezan is good running business in Pakistan.

—-at 2:20, she shows pictures of Ahmadiyya graveyards that were vandalized, however, she doesn’t give the proper evidence.

—-at 2:48, she claims that the police is helping people to persecute Ahmadi’s, which is a total lie. It seems like she is referring to the police having Kalima’s removed from Ahmadiyya places of worship, which is the law!

—-at 3:00, she claims that Ord-XX is state sponsored terrorism, which is a total lie. Then she says that international rights organizations are saying this. However, those are organizations that Ahmadi’s have been lying to for years and years and years.

—-Amjad Khan can’t read Urdu and barely understands it, thus, he will be speaking a mixture of it.

—-at 5:00, she asks Amjad as to why Ahmadi’s are leaving Pakistan, Amjad Khan lies and claims its all about persecution, and Ahmadi’s love Pakistan and want to stay, but are forced to leave. These are total lies, people in Pakistan want to leave Pakistan and move to the west and then send money home, since they think its easy to get rich. He goes on to claim that Ahmadi’s are stripped of their freedoms and thus can’t practice their religion, which is a total lie, Ahmadi’s have full freedom to pray in their places of worship, however, Ahmadi’s are not allowed to sell their religion to the masses.

—-at 6:00, Rabia claims to have met/spoke to asylum seekers in Sri Lanka and etc, this is very odd. Rabia claims that most people in Sri Lanka have had their homes attacked, which is a lie.

—-at 7:00, Amjad Khan claims that Ahmadi’s love Pakistan, a total lie. He claims that Ahmadi’s are afraid to say Asalamo Alaikum in Pakistan and afraid to pray in their places of worship. He says that Ahmadi’s are afraid to give Sadqa and are afraid to get buried in a Muslim graveyard. However, Muslims aren’t allowed to be buried in any Ahmadiyya graveyard. He lies and says that Ahmadi’s are afraid to give their children muslim names! What a lie! Then he cries about Ahmadi’s not being able to write “bismillah” on a wedding invitation. However, he doesn’t mention that how the Ahmadiyya Movement persecutes in own people in this same way, and makes them wait 1-year after conversion to get married.

at 8:50, they begin to flash photo’s of Ahmadi’s who were mistreated. However, there is no corroborating evidence. Any time an Ahmadi gets shot in Pakistan, the Ahmadiyya community calls it a faith based attack, with no evidence at all!

—-at 9:20, he claims that Ahmadi doctors are being attacked for serving Pakistan, another lie, these people are working for Humanity First and are doing this to help the Ahmadiyya community get converts. In fact, Humanity First is a front organization that has been implicated in the Ahmadi refugee asylum scandal in Malaysia and Thailand.

—–at 9:30, he talks about his aunt (pupee), and claims that she delivered 10,000 Ahmadi babies at Rabwah. He claims that she served Pakistan, this is a lie, she served the Mirza family and their financial interests in Rabwah.

at 10:20, he claims that Ahmadi’s have a target on their back. he claims that Ahmadi’s make painful decisions as they escape Pakistan.

at 10:50, Rabia claims that Ahmadi’s are vulnerable, whether they are religious or not, this is a lie, its Ahmadi’s who do tabligh and thus break the law who will get in trouble.

—-at 11:18, she claims to have done research in Sri Lanka, however, she seems oblivious to the Ahmadi refugee scandal in Sir Lanka.

—-at 12:15, Rabia claims that Ahmadi’s contributed heavily to the creation of Pakistan.

at 13:26, Rabia claims that Ahmadi’s are not faking asylum to get to the West, what a lie!

—-at 14:30, they go about how hard it is for Ahmadi asylum seekers to start over in the west, however, Ahmadi’s get full support and get jobs, in fact, my family gave jobs to many.

—at the 15:00 mark, Amjad Khan admits that Ahmadi’s are in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand and are waiting to be legally prosecuted. He admits that their children can’t go to school.

—at 16:40, Amjad Khan claims that Ahmadi’s are facing unspeakable cruelties in refugee camps, doctors, lawyers, widows and etc.

–at 17:40, Rabia tells a story of a women who went to Sri Lanka and left her husband, she then got pregnant and her newborn child died in a detention center.

—at 19:00, Amjad Khan admits that their are many Ahmadi refugees in the LA Area, and most Ahmadi’s are related to one another because of inter-marriages/inter-breeding. He claims that its very hard for people to adjust in America. What a lie!

—-At the 20:00 mark, Amjad Khan admits that he is the point person for the Ahmadiyya movement and their refugee scandal. They go on to cry about Ahmadi’s stuck in refugee camps.

—-at 21:42, Rabia says that Hazara Shias and Christians are facing the same issues. She claims that people are being forced to seek asylum. Which is a lie!

—what about discrimination in America? where do we go?

—at 23:30, Amjad Khan cries about Pakistan again, however, he doesn’t know, Pakistan is a puppet government of the West and has been controlled as such since its existence. The only reason Pakistan agreed to the UN’s rules on Human rights is because they have always been a puppet government. Amjad Khan then blames the police, however, in America, the police are even worse.

—-At 24:20, Amjad Khan lies and claims that the police helps anti-Ahmadi’s, he then cites the incidents of removing the Kalima and calls it demolishing, however, he casually forgets that this is against the law, and ahmadi’s are purposely writing the Kalima with fresh paint and building new minarets on purpose, just to clash with the government.

—-at 25:04, Amjad Khan claims that courts are places wherein due process will happen and he is sad that Ahmadi’s don’t get it. However, in america, all the courts are corrupt and hate minorities, just look at the recent case with Kyle Rittenhouse and 2pac, and Bill Cosby. He also forgets that an Ahmadi shot and killed a Muslim who tried to erase the Ahmadi Kalima in 1985 and that Ahmadi faced little jail time and then got asylum in the UK, in fact, he was an employee of the Ahmadiyya movement.

—-at 26:50, he cries and says that the Pakistan government has put restrictions on voting. He forgets, Ahmadi’s sign the paperwork which declares themselves as non-muslim just to get an ID and passport, however, they cry about it when voting. The truth is, the Khalifa won’t allow Ahmadi’s to vote in Pakistan and that’s the issue. Even in America, felons can’t vote and other people have regulations on voting, and this is a republican policy.

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