Ahmadi’s were always given special treatment by the British government. In this specific case, we are discussing the life of Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noor (the majority of this essay was collected from the interview that Dr. Noor)(he was called Dr. Noori by most Ahmadi’s) did with MTA-Germany in 2015), who was also in the Pakistani Army Surgical Unit, his mentor was Lieutenant General Mahmood ul-Hassan, but this is a secret. His friendship with Zia uL Haq is also a secret. By 2003, he was ordered by the new Khalifa to go at work at the Tahir Heart Institute in Rabwah. He spent lots of time with Mirza Tahir Ahmad during his final illnesses from 1999-2003, he admits to traveling to London from Pakistan many times. He was a life long fanatical Ahmadi. He felt that his success in his life was tied to the prayers of the Mirza family and his mother. He retired as a Major General in the Pakistani Army, he might be the last ever Qadiani to become a General. He was married into the Mirza family, he married the daughter of Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad (a grandson of MGA, via Mirza Sharif Ahmad, an older cousin of Mirza Masroor Ahmad). His name is also spelled Dr. M. M. H. Nuri. The most glaring fact that emerges here is that Dr. Noori never spoke his life with Zia ul Haq and his mentor Lieutenant General Mahmood ul-Hassan. Co-incidentally, Lieutenant General Mahmood ul-Hassan was also totally quiet on Zia, Bhutto and lots of major incidents in his life.

The famous Ahmadi Generals
The first ever Ahmadi General was General Nazir Ahmad (1947), he was mentioned in the famous list of 199 Ahmadi officers that was presented to the boundary commission in 1947. Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad was also mentioned in the list, he is a grandson of MGA. After him came General Abdul Ali Malik and General Akhtar Hussain Malik (these 2 are brothers), Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, Major General Iftikhar Janjua, Major General Ijaz Amjad, Brigadier General Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman, the Lahori-Ahmadi Major General Abdul Saeed Khan, and we are still adding to the list. There were also those were super trusted by the colonist back in 1947, they were Major Malik Habib-ullah (who died at the age of a 100) (from Dhulmial), Captain Nizam ud Din (he was the father of Brigadier General Mohammad Iqbal Khan) and Captain Umar Hayat (father of Commander Yousaf), Major-General Nasir Ahmad Chaudhry is another. In terms of Medical Doctors, Dr. Major Shah Nawaz, Commander Dr. Abdul Latif (ww-2 era) were some of the first. During Zia’s era, Lt-Gen Mahmood-ul-Hassan and his protege Major General Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noori who was probably the last Qadiani to make it to the rank of General.

Famous Ahmadi officer’s who almost made General
Major Syed Maqbool Ahmad was a colleague of Zia and one of the founders of ISI.

Nasir Ahmad Faruqi (a Lahori-Ahmadi)
He was the principal secretary for Ayub Khan from 1959 to 1969 as well as Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan for the 1965 election, which was totally rigged. The elections in Pakistan were under his control in 1970 also.

He was born roughly in this year.

He went to the Jalsa in Rabwah, he was barely 14-15 years old.

He graduated with an MBBS from King Edward Medical College in Lahore. He became a Waqf-e-Zindagi thereafter.

He worked a “house job” as a junior doctor, this was normal for new doctors. In December, he was planning to travel to Africa to work as a doctor there, however, the war between India and Pakistan broke out and this changed his plans. Mirza Nasir Ahmad ordered him to join the Pakistani Army. He was roughly 23-25 years old. Mirza Nasir Ahmad told him that his life in the Army would be a WAQF, in other words, he would be working for Ahmadiyya while in the Pakistani Army.

After joining the Pakistani-Army, he claims that he was sent to the USA for extended training.

He seems to have made it up to Lt. Colonel, Zia seems to have promoted him quickly.

He took care of Mirza Nasir Ahmad in May of 1982 as he had medical issues. Interestingly, the Khalifa had just gotten married, he died less than a month later while in Murree (11:02 mark of the video). It was thought that the Khalifa was already having many heart attacks due to sexual activity, since he had just married a woman who was 50 years younger than him. Other Ahmadi doctors were also there, Dr. Mirza Mubasher and Dr. Latif Qureshi a few ahmadi doctors from England, the USA and Karachi were also there. They spent 9-10 days with the Khalifa as he was dying. Dr. Steve Jenkins was also there. He claims that the Khalifa was fine even after a few heart attacks, eventually, the Khalifa died.

In April of 1984, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had some medical issueds and was in Islamabad and getting tests done at what appears to be the Army Surgical Unit. Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noori claims that he took the Khalifa to Rawalpindhi, however, he doesn’t say where. A few weeks later, Ord-XX passed and Mirza Tahir Ahmad fled Pakistan for good. Lt. Gen. Mahmud-ul-Hassan was most likely also there.

Nov–1999 to April 2003
Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noori claims that Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s final illness lasted 3 1/2 years. He claims to have went back and forth 13 times from London to Pakistan to attend to the Khalifa. He seems to have had no problems getting a visa. He logged roughly 130 days as the Khalifa’s personal doctor. He tells us that the Khalifa mad multiple heart attacks. He claims that the Khalifa didn’t want anyone to know about his illness, it was all a big secret.

His picture is given in the 100-year anniversary of Al-Fazl.  Dr Masood ul Hasan Noor

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Major Gen. Iftikhar Janjua Shaheed, only Pakistani general to have laid his life during military combat was an Ahmadi Muslim. 


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