The Ahmadiyya Movement continues to call their opponents as Kafirs and thus prove that there is no Ahmadiyya persecution. Razi Qudrat is an official employee of the Khalifa, he lives in the Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace building in Canada for free and gets free food. He got hella mad yesterday after he saw my (#Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog) my interview with Eddie on his youtube channel, @TheDeenShow. Razi was ordered to attack Eddie and his Muslim-ness. Razi called Eddie a Kafir just because he criticized Ahmadiyya, in fact, this is how Ahmadi’s think. When I was 11-12 years old, i didn’t to be an Ahmadi, and it was hard to hide, my father beat relentlessly, Khurram Shah helped him and was thus aiding and abetting.

Nevertheless, Razi has proved that Ahmadi’s do Takfir all the time and go crazy if anyone criticizes their cult.


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