Auditors for AMJ International are RSM UK AUDIT LLP, who have not reported any misstatement of facts so far to my knowledge. Auditors for AMA UK are Macalvins Limited, they haven’t reported anything out of the ordinary either. Auditors for AMJ Canada were Sloan partners LLP, their report is a little more interesting with regards to financials, but they don’t share anything concrete somehow. One can read the full report here (link). The interesting part is only related to verification of completeness when reporting revenues. Sloan partners LLC states that it is a common problem with charities though where fund-raising activities make it a challenge to verify completeness.

It is mandatory to show accountability of offshore accounts. I don’t even live in the UK, and here’s a link showing the government explicitly stating you have to declare your offshore earnings. This is normal for any western government. However, the Ahmadiyya Movement holds money in different peoples names overseas and thus avoids this. See here also.

Check out the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada and this financials herein.

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AHMADIYYA MUSLIM JAMAAT INTERNATIONAL is an umbrella organization for the Ahmadiyya Movement

Macalvins Chartered Accountants, Tax and Business Advisers

In Canada, the Ahmadiyya movement is forced to publish a balance sheet, not in the USA or Germany or Africa


Click to access offshore_penalties_guidance.pdf


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