The famous Annie Besant objected to the Ahmadiyya Movement being given a free plot of land for a temple and graveyard (this land was confiscated from Sultan Ali Raja aka Ali Raja or Adi Raja, this was the title of the Muslim king of Arakkal kingdom from the sixteenth to early nineteenth century)(see The ROR of January-1916). She did this in a newspaper, “New India”(she was the editor), she called Ahmadiyya persecution as fake, and referred to it as the mischief of street boys. You can read about the early history of the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in British-India herein. This was in the Cannanore-Madras area of India. It should also be noted that Annie Besant wanted Indian’s to rule India, and this was a problem for Ahmadi’s, since Ahmadi’s wouldn’t get free perks anymore. Ironically, Dr. Annie Besant is quoted in the ROR of April-1937. She was mentioned again in the ROR of Oct-1937.

In the same era (1915), the 2nd Qadiani Khalifa (during WW-1) wanted to volunteer in the British military.


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