The ROR of Jan-1938 reports that Zafrullah Khan announced a scheme to collect 300,000 rupees and gift the Khalifa at the 1939 Jalsa at Qadian. This was because the Khalifa was about to complete 25 years of his leadership, they called it a silver jubilee. This was during the 1937 Jalsa at Qadian, on the second day. Zafrullah Khan said he was copying King Charles and the Aga Khan in their 25 year anniversaries. Zafrullah Khan proposed that the Khalifa was free to spend this money anywhere he pleased. Zafrullah Khan wanted to present the money to the Khalifa in March of 1939. Zafrullah Khan also said that him and his friends would take care of the 100,000 and the community must collect the remainder of 200,000 rupees. Zafrullah Khan even mentioned “Tahrik-e-Jadid” and how Ahmadi’s must also pay that and other subscriptions. This Khilafat Jubilee was also mentioned in the ROR of Feb-1940. The ROR of March-1940 has a review of a Lahori-Ahmadi essay in “The Light” of Jan-16, 1940. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s seem to have commented on the Silver Jubilee (the 25-year anniversary of the 2nd Khalifa’s Khilafat). In 2007, Mirza Masroor Ahmad told Ahmadi’s that he wants your kids’ pocket money too. And eid money. In a recently published book, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s allege that 42,000 people attended this jubilee, the 2nd Khalifa even claimed that there were 25,000 Ahmadi’s in on colony of British-West-Africa.

In 1936, the 2nd Khalifa famous said:.
(Published in Al-Fadl, Sept. 19, 1936)A19360919

“I am not a merchant to keep accounts with me nor am I a treasurer of the community to be asked to render account. I am God’s vicegerent on earth. It is not proper to ask me where I spent the money. Those are truly the believers who gift me their money and afterwards do not question me. It is all the same whether they understand or not. They understand that an objection of this sort will result in the bankruptcy of their faith.”

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