In 2022, the Ahmadiyya Movement published a new edition of “Welcome to Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam”. In the first few pages, the 5th Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad tackled the fact that is written clearly that 80 million Ahmadi’s had converted in one year. Mirza Masroor Ahmad claimed that he never thought the population of Ahmadi’s was 175 million, and instead in 2022, he is claiming 15-20 million worldwide. He then claimed that many people joined Ahmadiyya and then later quit, this is pure apologetics, he cites the case of Serbia, Germany and Ghana (from the early 1980’s). Further, Mirza Masroor Ahmad claims that while he was in Ghana (late 70’s, early 80’s) 20k-30k Ahmadi’s were accounted for, however, the national censuses showed 300k (these are all lies).

However, this is not true, in 2012, Mirza Masroor Ahmad claimed that Ahmadi’s were in hundreds of millions in the world (30:15 time stamp, retrieved on 11-22-22). In 2013, he claimed 150-160 million people (Ahmadi’s), he had even said hundreds of thousands at first (18:50 time stamp).


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Dear Ibrahim Ahmad Khan Sahib,

Islamabad, UK

I have received your letter in reference to the book “Welcome to Ahmadiyyat, The True Islam” stating that there exists a discrepancy about the population of Ahmadis in the world since
the figures as stated in the forward of the book and page 221 do not coincide.

At the time of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) the number of Baiats increased drastically, however when these figures were presented to me later on, l gave all Missionary Incharges of the world the task to scrutinise them and bring the converts who truly accepted Ahmadiyyat closer to the Jama’at. Some countries in Africa strived in this respect and tried to include many hundred of thousands of people within the Jama•at who had distanced themselves over time. Some of these converts just joined the Jama’at for their own worldly purposes and included their names in the I ist for their own interests, but later on they detached themselves from the Jama’ at.

I myself have never stated that we are 175 million globally, but according to my estimate the population of Ahmadis in the world is around 16 to 20 million. Yet, there are a number oC Ahmadis who we are not even aware about. When I was in Ghana, the Tajnid according to the Jama’at there was around 25 to 30 thousand, however when the national census was held, the population of Ahmadis according to the government’s report was estimated to be about 300 thousand. So, at times these figures differ because the Jama’at’s administration is not aware of them and they are not able to estimate the true numbers. The system and administration of the
Jama’at in many countries is not fully established yet to a high standard. There is not much access in the remote areas of the world…..”””

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