By 2022, there are less 5 Ahmadi’s in all of Serbia, there are no Ahmadi murrabi’s and Ahmadi missions. The ROR of Oct-1937 reports that M. Muhammad Din (could be Maulvi Muhammad-uddin) was sent to Belgrade, Serbia in 1936 and started a mission, this might have been right after his mission failed in Albania. At the 1937 Jalsa at Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa told Ahmadi’s that they had a mission in Yugoslavia.

In 1941, in spite of Yugoslav attempts to remain neutral in the war, the Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia. The territory of modern Serbia was divided between Hungary, Bulgaria, the Independent State of Croatia, Greater Albania and Montenegro, while the remaining part of the occupied Serbia was placed under the military administration of Nazi Germany, with Serbian puppet governments led by Milan Aćimović and Milan Nedić assisted by Dimitrije Ljotić‘s fascist organization Yugoslav National Movement (Zbor).


Humanity First has been working in Serbia.

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