Sohail Ahmad (@reasononfaith) has done some good work vs. Ahmadiyya, in fact, his reddit forum has helped many Ahmadi’s become ex-Ahmadi’s. Many years ago, I tried to befriend him (even thought he despises traditional Islam) and he refused, nevertheless, I stayed cordial with him. He seems to have objected to my approach of telling the truth to #Ahmadis and thus being less diplomatic. For example, I know that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a tyrant who lied about having 200 million Ahmadi’s worldwide, and thus, I know that Mirza Tahir Ahmad worked hand in hand with Zia Ul Haq and wanted a law like Ord-XX, so that Ahmadi’s could leave Pakistan via asylum. In fact, I have posted at least 10 essay’s which prove that Zia was friendly with Ahmadi’s.

Nevertheless, in 2023, Sohail (@reasononfaith) is now being called an “Anti-Ahmadi” by those same #Ahmadis that he was defending as peaceful people. In fact, Sohail (@reasononfaith) has went out of his way to argue that Ahmadi’s are peaceful in comparison to the average Muslim. He is now being attacked by the Ahmadiyya Discord Troll Team, specifically by Zaryab Farooq, who is the local Qaid for the Baypoint jamaat of Qadiani’s. @Kashifmd has come to his aid and trying desperately to explain to Ahmadi’s that not all critics of Ahmadiyya are anti, if they are labelled as such, then MGA must be called “anti-Islam”.


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