The Mirza family has a long history of putting common Ahmadi’s in danger and thus getting themselves killed. In Sep-Oct of 1947, they abandoned Qadian and left 26 Ahmadi’s to be killed and many others to be injured, not a single member of the Mirza family face any level of violence, and in fact, some were evacuated via airplane from Qadian to Lahore. Nevertheless, after the recent riots in Bangladesh, and via a Friday Sermon, Mirza Masroor Ahmad announced that Ahmadi’s in Bangladesh are ready to get themselves killed for the Ahmadiyya INC (via Tik Tok). Further, it should be noted that Mirza Tahir Ahmad groomed Ahmadi’s in the same way in the 1980’s and never told them to stop breaking the law (doing tabligh in Pakistan), even though its not mandatory in Islam.

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