Mohamed Barakatullah Bhopali, known with his honorific as Maulana Barkatullah (7 July 1854 – 20 September 1927), was an Indian revolutionary from Bhopal. Barkatullah was born on 7 July 1854 at Itawra mohalla, Bhopal in Madhya PradeshIndia. He fought from outside India, with fiery speeches and revolutionary writings in leading newspapers, for the independence of India. He did not live to see India independent. He died at San Francisco in 1927 and buried at Sacramento City Cemetery California. In 1988, Bhopal University was renamed Barkatullah University[1] in his honour. He was also Prime Minister of first Provisional Government of India established at Afghanistan in 1915.

In the Lahore Ahmadiyya English magazine The Light a letter was published in the issue for 8 December 1927 in this connection written by a member of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement from San Francisco who looked after Maulvi Barakatullah in his dying days. I have made it available at this link.

The name of Dr Barakatullah is mentioned in a few places in Ahmadiyya and Ahmadiyya-related literature of the time when he was alive. There is an article in The Islamic Review, July 1914 (see link) by a Muhammad Barakatullah entitled ‘Islam in Japan’, which clearly is by him. See also the editor’s note at the end of the article. It reminds me that I have also read elsewhere in Urdu Ahmadiyya literature that Dr Barakatullah is propagating Islam in Japan.

It is obvious from the above article that he was in communication with Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din. However, I don’t know if he ever met Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

The writer of the letter is Mirza Daud Baig. He was the older son of Dr Mirza Yaqub Baig, the well-known prominent follower of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and a founding member of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Anjuman. Mirza Daud Baig returned to India a couple of years later, and spent most of the last years of his life in Turkey, having married a Turkish woman while still in India. (He was also my wife’s maternal uncle, so we personally know some details of his life.)

In this video Dr. Fanusie explains how Ahmadiyya created the Nation of Islam. At 2:40 seconds, she says that Master Fard Muhammad was sent to America on a secret underground Lahori-Ahmadi assignment in 1930. In another video she talks about the same thing, that Lahori-Ahmadis created Elijah Muhammad, at the 4:41 mark. Check out Yasir Qadhi explaining how Ahmadiyya infiltrated the USA in the 1930’s herein (17:35 timestamp). Check out my essay on Malcolm X and the Ahmadiyya Movement herein. Check out my tiktok with combined clips herein.

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