In 1886, MGA prophecied the return to India of the famous Duleep Singh (Aka Maharaja Sir Duleep Singh, GCSI (4 September 1838 – 22 October 1893), or Sir Dalip Singh, and later in life nicknamed the “Black Prince of Perthshire“, was the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. He was Maharaja Ranjit Singh‘s youngest son, the only child of Maharani Jind Kaur. He had been exiled in the UK for over 30 years.

MGA began talking about him in Surma Chashma Arya (1886), MGA referred to his famous prophecy of Feb-20-1886 and alleged that the “nobleman” mentioned in this announcement was in-fact, Duleep Singh. MGA was prophecying that Duleep Singh would return to India. Many years later, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s added an appendix to the book Surma Chashma Arya (1886), and claimed that MGA prophecied that he would fail in his return to India, which is the opposite.
In the very next book, (Shahna-e-Haqq, p. 43, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 382, Via Tadhkirah, 1888), MGA lied and claimed that he told his hindu friend (Sharampat) that Duleep Singh would never make it to the Punjab, 20 years later (1906-1907), Sharampat would publicly call MGA a liar and claim he never heard any prophecies from MGA. 

In 1907, via “Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA lied and claimed that he predicted that Dalip Singh would not enter India, this was presented as sign #88 of MGA’s truthfulness. In 1926, via “Invitation to Ahmadiyya”, the 2nd Khalifa presented the “Duleep Singh” situation as a confirmed prophecy of MGA and a sign for Sikhs.

It seems that Duleep Singh (Aka Maharaja Sir Duleep Singh converted to Christianity in the 1850’s and then eventually reverted to Sikhism. In 1886, he tried to return to India, The British Government decided in 1886 against his return to India or his re-embracing Sikhism. Despite protests from the India Office, he set sail for ‘home’ on 30 March 1886. However, he was intercepted and arrested in Aden, then part of Aden Settlement, where the writ of the Viceroy of India began. He could not be stopped from an informal re-conversion ceremony in Aden, far less grand and symbolic than it would have been in India, done by emissaries sent by Sardar Thakar Singh Sandhawalia, who was earlier planning the Pahaul ceremony at Bombay. Sir Duleep was forced to return to Europe.

From the 2009, online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 175-181
[Announcement of February 20, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 102–103].

“”””[Urdu] I confer upon you a Sign of My mercy according to what you begged of me. So I have
heard your entreaties and have honoured your prayers with My acceptance through My mercy
and made your journey (i.e. the journey to Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana) a source of blessings for you. Therefore, a Sign of power, mercy, nearness is bestowed on you, a Sign of grace and beneficence is awarded to you and you are granted the key of success and victory.  Peace on you, O victorious one. Thus did God speak so that those who desire life may be rescued from the grip of death and those who are buried in the graves may come out of them and so that the superiority of Islam and the dignity of God’s Word may become manifest unto the people and so that truth may arrive with all its blessings and falsehood may flee with all its ills, and so that people may understand that I am the Lord of Power, I do whatever I will, and so that they may believe that I am with you, and so that those who do not believe in God and deny and reject His
religion and His Book and His Holy Messenger Muhammad, the Chosen One (sa) may be confronted with a clear Sign and the way of the guilty ones may become manifest.  Rejoice, therefore, that a handsome and pure boy will be bestowed on you; you will receive an unblemished youth who will be of your seed and will be of your progeny.  A handsome and pure boy is coming as your guest. His name is Emmanuel and also Bashir. He has been invested with a spirit of holiness, and he is free from all impurity. He is the light of Allah. Blessed is he who comes from heaven. He will be accompanied by grace which shall arrive with him. He will be characterised with grandeur, greatness and wealth. He will come into the world and will
heal many of their disorders through his Messianic qualities and through the blessings of the spirit of holiness. He is the Word of Allah for Allah’s mercy and honour have equipped him with the Word of Majesty. He will be extremely intelligent and perceptive and will be meek of heart and will be filled with secular and spiritual knowledge. He will convert three into four (of this the meaning is not clear). It is Monday a blessed Monday. [Persian] [Son, delight of the heart, high ranking, noble.] [Arabic] [A manifestation of the First and the Last, a manifestation of the True and the High; as if Allah has descended from heaven.] [Urdu] His advent will be greatly blessed and will be a source of manifestation of Divine Majesty. Behold a light comes, anointed by God with the perfume of His pleasure. We shall pour Our Spirit into him and he will be sheltered under the shadow of God. He will grow rapidly in stature and will be the means of procuring the release of those held in bondage. His fame will spread to the ends of the earth and peoples will be blessed through him. He will then be raised to his spiritual station in heaven. [Arabic] [This is a matter decreed.]  [Urdu] Your house will be filled with blessings and I shall perfect My favours unto you and you will have a large progeny from blessed women, some of whom you will find hereafter, and I will cause a great increase in your progeny and will bless it; but some of them will die in early age and your progeny will spread greatly in different lands. Every branch of your
collaterals will be cut off and will come to an end soon through childlessness. If they do not
repent, God will send chastisement after chastisement upon them, until they are completely wiped out. Their houses will be filled with widows and God’s wrath will descend upon their walls. But if they turn to God, He will turn to them in mercy. God will spread your blessings about and will revive a ruined house through you and will fill a fearful house with blessings. Your progeny will not be cut off and will flourish till the end of days.  God will maintain your name with honour till the day when the world comes to an end and will convey your message to the ends of the earth. I shall exalt you and shall call you to Myself but your name will never be erased from the face of the earth. It will so happen that all those who seek to humiliate you, and are determined to cause you to fail and wish to ruin you will themselves be frustrated and will die in failure and frustration. But God will grant you complete success and will grant you all that you desire. I will cause an increase of your true and sincere friends and shall bless their lives and their properties and they will grow in number and they will prevail over the other Muslims—who are jealous of you and are hostile to you—till the Day of Judgment. God will not forget your supporters and will not lose sight of them and they will have their reward according to the degree of their devotion. You are to me as the prophets of Bani Isra’il [Israelites] (that is: You resemble them as a reflection). You are to Me as My Unity. You are of Me and I am of you. The time is approaching, indeed it is near, when God will put your love in the hearts of kings and nobles till they will seek blessings from your garments.  O you who deny and who oppose the truth, if you are in doubt concerning My servant, if you deny the grace and bounty that I have bestowed upon My servant, then produce some true Sign concerning yourselves like this Sign of mercy, if you are truthful. If you are unable to produce it, and be sure you will never be able to produce it, then be mindful of the Fire which has been prepared for the disobedient, the liars and the transgressors.(The end)”””

The urdu PDF—Ishtihar 20 Feb 1886


Note by Mirza Bashir Ahmad: The newspaper Riyad-e-Hind dated May 3, 1886 published the news about Maharaja Dalip Singh’s being stopped at Aden on page 214, column 1.]
Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, p. 188, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 236, see also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 168

“””(C) The person mentioned in the announcement of February 20, 1886 as a nobleman of Punjabi origin was Dalip Singh. This was conveyed to more than five hundred Hindus and Muslims in various towns before the event and the announcement of February 20, 1886 was distributed in distant lands. Then all that was announced about Dalip Singh in advance was fulfilled.”””

Ruhani Khazain Vol 2

Surma Chashma Arya (1)

Ishtharat vol 1 (1)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________Appendix Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, p. 4, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 318 and
Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 131, see also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 168

“””(A) I had told several Hindus and Muslims of several towns that by the person of Punjabi origin was meant Dalip Singh concerning whom it had been given out that he would arrive in the Punjab but I foretold that he would be disappointed in this hope and that he would encounter difficulties in this journey threatening his comfort, honour, or life… In the end, in accordance with this prophecy, he suffered much inconvenience, trouble, suffering and humiliation and failed in his purpose.”””
Shahna-e-Haqq, p. 43, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 382
Via Tadhkirah

(B) He [Lalah Sharampat] was told about Dalip Singh before the event that it had been disclosed to me that he was not destined to arrive in the Punjab. He would either die or be humiliated but would not achieve his purpose.
Via Haqiqatul Wahy

“””88. Eighty-Eighth Sign—When it was repeatedly published in the newspapers that Dalip Singh would return to the Punjab, I was shown [in a vision] that he would never return and that he would be stopped instead. I had informed some 500 people of this prophecy. I also published
this prophecy in brief in a twin page handbill. Eventually, it transpired exactly this way.”””
[Nuzulul-Masih, p. 226, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 18, p. 604]

“””(B) Dalip Singh was sent back from Aden and his honour and comfort were put in jeopardy as I had foretold to a large number of people.”””

Prophecy No. 6: Prince Dalip Singh, a sign for Sikhs

I now pass on to a prophecy which on fulfilment proved a sign for Sikhs and demonstrated to them the truth of Islam and the authenticity of the Promised Messiah.

It so happened that when the British annexed the Punjab they decided for obvious political and psychological reasons to send away to England the young heir to the Sikh throne, Prince Dalip Singh. He was to stay there until British rule became established in the Punjab. After the mutiny of 1857, however, the last vestiges of the Mughal power in Delhi disappeared and everything seemed safe for the British. Raja Dalip Singh expressed a desire to return home and it even began to be rumoured that the Prince was really returning. Hazrat Mirza Sahib, however, had a revelation that the Prince would not return. He informed many people about it, especially Hindus. In one of his leaflets he predicted that a returning Punjab prince was going to encounter trouble. At the time of the publication of this prophecy nobody imagined that the Prince’s return home would be stopped; in fact, it was understood that he would soon set foot on his native soil. But just about this time the British Government changed their mind. They decided that the Prince’s return would be dangerous for the Government. As the news of his return spread, the Sikhs became more and more restive. Their thoughts turned to the recent past. The British authorities began to fear trouble. The steamer which carried the returning Prince reached Aden. He was stopped at Aden and ordered back to England. The news of this last-minute change came when everybody was expecting the Prince back home. The Sikhs felt very resentful. The Might of God showed itself. God becomes aware of the thoughts of men before they themselves become aware of their thoughts.
1960’s at Rabwah
[Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 4, p. 155]
Via Tadhkirah

Note by  Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shams: It is narrated by Maulavi Jamal-ud-Din of Sekhwan, District Gurdaspur that this vision was seen in November 1885. He writes: My humble self went to meet the Promised Messiah in November 1885. The same day Allah the Almighty revealed the news about Dalip Singh to him. He related it to me and several other people who were present. He said: ‘These people are expressing great joy on the expected arrival of Dalip Singh; they will be deprived of that joy. I have been informed by God Almighty that when he travels to come, he would face great hardship and tribulation.’ The Promised Messiahas went as far as saying that: ‘I have been shown his dead body in a coffin.’

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