In “Jesus in India”, MGA and his team claimed that Bu Ali Sina (Avicenna) had invented the ointment, “Marham-e-Esa” (See pages 69-70, online english edition). However, this book was incomplete even 8 years later in 1908 when MGA died, thus, the 1st Khalifa, Maulvi Noorudin published it an incomplete manuscript. Ironically, 100+ years later and NO Qadiani-Ahmadi has ever been able to complete it.

In 2016, the Qadiani-Ahmadi editors added a footnote in the newest edition of “Jesus in India” and confessed that Bu Ali Sina (Avicenna) had never invented any medicine named “Marham-e-Esa”. According to Qaanun of Avicenna (Al-Qaanun Fi Al-Tibb by Abu Ali Ibn-e-Sina vol. 3 chapter 4 on ointments), Bu Ali Sina (Avicenna) had only invented Marham Dashlikha, Marham-ul-Hawariyyin, and Marham-ur- Rusol, nothing about “Marham-e-Esa”.

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