I have always said that Ahmadi’s should never cry persecution, and the reason has always been because Ahmadi’s are told (by the Mirza family and their murrabi’s) that freedom of religion = the opportunity to do tabligh. This is not correct, in Islam, it is not like this, tabligh is only done by those who are qualified.

Thus, you can see video’s of Razi Ullah Noman (a paid Maulvi of the Qadiani’s) chasing down Muslims and harassing them and begging for a debate. However, he won’t sit down with people and honestly explain Ahmadiyya beliefs. Razi has admitted to not caring if Muslims convert and to be only putting on a show to keep Ahmadi’s indoctrinated. In fact, this is what they were doing in Pakistan in May of 1974 at the Rabwah train station, and thus the violence that ensued should be fully blamed on the Mirza family and their marketing techniques. Sharif Odeh (the Ameer of Qadiani’s in Israel) also told Ahmadi’s that in Israel, his strategy is to be on the offensive.

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