Dear Ahmadis,

I was recently asked by an Ahmadi on Facebook to prove to me that MGA never did a public speech.  This Ahmadi was so insistent, I mean, in his perception, this can’t be possible, MGA is his Imam, his Messiah, his Prophet, how would it be possible that he never spoke publically?

Well, I was under the same impression many years ago, and I read about Ahmadiyya, however, the Mirza family had tried to hide this important fact as they marketed their product to all countries that follow Free-market-economies, aka Capitalism, as we all know, Ahmadiyya hasn’t been accepted by most Communist governments (Like Cuba, Russia and China).

Nonetheless, after reading about MGA’s inability to give a public speech at the Aligarh University in 1890, I was shocked, then I remembered how “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” was actually a speech delivered by Maulvi Abdul Kareem, who also led salaat at Qadian, since MGA never led Salaat in his life.  Maulvi Abdul Kareem was the speech-guy and the Imam of the mosque in Qadian, since 1891, before that, there is no records of MGA leading Salaat as an Imam.  Further, Noorudin and Amrohi would fill in as needed and were most likely also the chief ghost-writers for Ahmadiyya Inc.

So this brings us to the topic of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s lecture in Amritsar, which is an event that happened in November of 1905.  So at this point in Ahmadiyya history, Maulvi Abdul Kareem had died a terrible death, most likely of a cancerous carbunkle on his back.  So, MGA was missing his speech-guy.  What isn’t reported by Ahmadiyya sources is that while in Amritsar, Ahmadis couldnt find a venue for MGA to present himself as a messiah, the only place that remained available was an opera house.  The Ahmadis then booked this opera house and were ready to present MGA as a Messiah to the world (see pages 373-375).

It is reported by Mahmud Ahmad that MGA spoke for 20 minutes (see pages 51-53 , and then a riot broke out since MGA took a drink of tea in front of 100+ muslims and with his left-hand during the month of Ramadhan and thus disrespected the etiquette of not eating or drinking in-front of Muslims who are fasting.  However, what Mahmud Ahmad didn’t report was that MGA drank the tea with his left hand, since his right arm was disabled in a childhood accident, thus, MGA was forced to eat with his left hand and used scribes his whole life.

These are some of the facts of the story here and some background info on MGA and his lack of ability to give a speech or lead salaat or any other basic function of an Imam.  As I continue, it should be noted that Lecture Ludhiana was published for the first time in 2003.   The ROR doesnt mention it at all, however, it does mention other alleged speaking engagements from 1903.  Moreover, this is not a Lecture, since MGA never gave it and was most likely booed off of stage immediately upon arrival, wherein the police couldn’t hold the peace and MGA fled in a rain of stones and heavy rocks.


MGA never gave any pubic speeches, this book seems to have been written by some other authors and then attributed to MGA, I have found so many instances of this type of behavior, in fact, in the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah, the Ahmadiyya editing team seems to have totally deleted an entire ilham of MGA from the records, this is the ilham wherein MGA declared Takfeer upon the worlds Muslims.  

I will continue to write these series of essays as I continue to explain Ahmadiyya to Ahmadis. The next few essays in this series should be Lecture Lahore, Lecture Sialkot and then Khutbah Ilhamia.  Then Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, the debate with Athim as I inch towards 1891…