Per Ahmadiyya sources, “Al-Haq Mubahathah Dehli” was published in 1905 from Qadian (See Hidden Treasures). Al-Haq Mubahathah Dehli seems to be a bias synopsis of 2 written debates happened MGA and his team had in the Fall of 1891 in Delhi with Maulavi Muhammad Nadhir Hussain and Maulavi Muhammad Bashir. The debate which was held with Maulavi Muhammad Nadhir Hussain on October 20, 1891, in the Jami‘ Masjid, Delhi, where more than five thousand people gathered. There was a European Superintendent of Police with a Police contingent. MGA was forced to pray with other Muslims and was escorted away by British officers.

MGA and his team then wrote to Maulavi Muhammad Bashir on October 15, 1891, intimating his acceptance of the proposal to hold a written debate with him on the question of the death of Jesus. He then wrote three letters to Maulavi Muhammad Bashir dated October 21, 22 and 23, 1891, and the following points were further laid down:

(1) the debate should begin after the Friday prayer at Hadrat Ahmad’s house,
(2) Maulavi Muhammad Bashir would write the first paper,
(3) Maulavi Muhammad Bashir would bring only one man with him,
(4) Maulavi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and Maulavi ‘Abdul Majid would not be allowed to take part in it; and
(5) not more than five papers would be exchanged.

It should be noted that it was not agreed that the papers would be written in the meeting.
The debate started on October 23, 1891, on Friday. Maulavi Muhammad Bashir quoted in his paper five verses of the Quran to show that Jesus was still alive in the flesh.

This book carries a series of letters Muraslat No. 1, on page 221 onward that passed between Maulavi Muhammad Bashir and Maulavi Syed Muhammad Ahsan. Then on pages 483-507, under the heading of Muraslat No. 2, the letters passed between Munshi Bubah Shah, Munshi Muhammad Ishaq and the same devoted follower Maulavi Syed Muhammad Ahsan. They exchanged two letters. Maulavi Syed Muhammad Ahsan in his letter dated September 12,
1891, responding to the letter dated August 30 of Munshi Bubah Shah, discussed at length the points raised by him, specially the one in which Munshi Bubah Shah accused Mirza Ghulam Ahmad arrogating to himself the status of Ibnullah and ranking himself with Jesus Christ the son of God.
Al-Haq Mubahathah Dehli, p. 85, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 4, p. 215, via Hidden Treasures

“””The soul is not something in space. The nature of its relationships cannot be determined. After death the soul has a relationship with the grave which is revealed to those who possess the faculty of seeing vision. They can see the dwellers of the graves sitting in their graves and can hold converse with them. This is established by true Ahadith. A well known hadith mentions Salat in a grave, it is also mentioned in the Ahadith that the dead can hear the sound of footsteps and respond to the greeting of peace. They also have a relationship with heaven. There are different degrees of their heavenly exaltation. Some arrives at the first heaven, others reach the second or the third heaven, but all righteous souls are exalted as is mentioned in true Ahadith and is also indicated by the verse: For those who reject Our signs and turn away from them in disdain, the gates of heaven will not be opened (7:41); but the nature of their relationship to heaven or to the graves cannot be determined.”””
Al-Haq Mubahathah Dehli, p. 194, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 4, edtion of 2009, p. 505, via Hidden Treasures

“””How long should I write a commentary about the differences that exist (in matter of faith). If any writing of Hadrat Mujaddid is in apparent contradiction with principles of Fiqah or hadith, and despite this contradiction, how it can be established that he was in error. He bases all his contention and assertions in the light of the Book of Allah, which is superior to all these sources. If anyone one has intellectual power to content with him, then he should foil his assertion in the light of Holy Quran, if not possible then through the hadith, and if that is not possible then prove it wrong through logic. Scholars of Islam have all been invited (by him) and see how many of them come in the field (to accept the challenge).”””
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