This was MGA’s second to last tour of any type. He began this shortly after the death of Maulvi Abdul Karim, which happened on Oct 11th, 1905, MGA and his caravan took off on October 22, 1905, for some strange reason, MGA didn’t take any of his scholars with him, however, Noorudin was sent for about half way through the trip, whereas Muhammad Ali was managing Qadian (see mujahid e kabir). MGA was in Delhi for about 2 weeks, but never gave any public speeches, nor did he lead prayers, nor did he give a Friday Sermon. Mahmud Ahmad tells us that the Ahmadi’s of Amritsar came to Delhi and asked MGA to come to Amritsar, and thus arranged all the details. MGA was thus was scheduled to give a lecture at a lecture hall of Advocate Rai Kunahya Lal at 8am on November 9th, 1905. However, before arriving in Amritsar, MGA stopped in Ludhiana on November 5, at 11 am. MGA was given a rousing reception, even though the visit was not planned, just in contrast to the reception he got in Delhi. A lecture was arranged for November 6, at 8:30 a.m. in Committee Bagh at Ludhiana (see Hidden Treasures, pages 373-375). It is unclear if this lecture was ever given, the contents of the lecture are also a mystery. This is the mystery of the book Lecture Ludhiana. It should be noted that Lecture Ludhiana was published for the first time in 2003. The english ROR doesn’t mention it at all, we are simply puzzled by this book and where it came from. Ahmadiyya publishers mention that this is an english translation from the original Urdu, however, the original is totally missing. In the Al-Hakam of September-1906, the editor claims that MGA was in Delhi, Ludhiana, Amritsar and gave speeches in the Oct-Nov timeframe. This alleged lecture was not included into Ruhani Khuzain of 1984, however, it was added into Ruhani Khuzain (2008 edition).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Lecture at Amritsar

This lecture exploded into a riot and British-white police officers/military men kept MGA safe.  MGA and his caravan left for Qadian immediately via horse and carriage, which was the safest mode of transport in those days.  The next morning at 8am they arrived at Batala. They were in Qadian 4 hours later. The truth is, MGA never gave any lecture at Amritsar, he got up to speak and was unable to, he then took a drink of tea in-front of a crowd of fasting Muslim, which created the riot, since it is disrespectful to behave as such. MGA never gave any public speeches, nor did he ever lead prayers or deliver any Friday Sermons. The English review of religions doesn’t give any indication that MGA was on tour in Oct-Nov of 1905. See the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 758-761.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Furthermore, this is another example of MGA and his team publishing MGA’s predictions after the fact.

For example, MGA went to Delhi on Oct. 22, 1905, MGA didn’t know that he would be stopped from giving any speeches, however, 5 days later, his newspaper reported as follows:

Badr, vol. 1, No. 30, October 27, 1905, p. 2:

“When I went to Delhi, I found all doors locked and then I saw locks on the doors and then somebody was trying to insert some painful thing in my ear, I asked what suffering you cause to me, is nothing compared to those the Holy Prophetsa had undergone.

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