MGA had serious problems giving public speeches and leading prayers, he normally had someone on his team would lead these for him, in fact, it was MGA’s inability to give a public speech at the Aligarh University in 1890, and how “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” was actually a speech delivered by Maulvi Abdul Kareem, who also led salaat at Qadian, since MGA never led Salaat in his life. Maulvi Abdul Kareem was the speech-guy and the Imam of the mosque in Qadian, since 1891, before that, there is no records of MGA leading Salaat as an Imam. Further, Noorudin and Amrohi would fill in as needed and were most likely also the chief ghost-writers for Ahmadiyya Inc.

So this brings us to the topic of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s lecture in Amritsar, which is an event that happened in November of 1905 (At the Banda Matram Hall, see ROR of May-1942). So at this point in Ahmadiyya history, Maulvi Abdul Kareem had died a terrible death, most likely of a cancerous carbunkle on his back, he was also blind by that time. So, MGA was missing his speech-guy. It is unclear if Noorudin, or anyone else accompanied him on this tour. This incident in Amritsar was also mentioned in the ROR of May-1942, however, they mistakenly dated it in 1907.

It is reported by Mahmud Ahmad that MGA spoke for 20 minutes (see pages 51-53 , and then a riot broke out since MGA took a drink of tea in front of 100+ muslims and with his left-hand (this was allegedly given to him by Mufti Fazl-ur-Rahman, see ROR of May-1942) during the month of Ramadhan and thus disrespected the etiquette of not eating or drinking in-front of Muslims who are fasting. However, what Mahmud Ahmad didn’t report was that MGA drank the tea with his left hand, since his right arm was disabled in a childhood accident, thus, MGA was forced to eat with his left hand and used scribes his whole life.

These are some of the facts of the story here and some background info on MGA and his lack of ability to give a speech or lead salaat or any other basic function of an Imam.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A quotation about this incident from Seeratul Mahdi
Seertul Mahdi – Quotation no.1202 (By Mirza basheer M.A)

“””During his Travel to Amristsar (at Banday matram Hall) in Ramzan and gave a Lecture and drank a cup of tea (on offer) due to reason that He was without fasting, and had to face anger of people, by shouting which resulted in closing the lecture. MGA had to escape. While escaping, people threw stones and bricks which result in breaking the glass of his vehicle and he had to leave the Place.”””

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MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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