We recently came across Seeratul Mahdi (1923) edition written by Mirza Bashir Ahmad. The story of MGA hurting his arm as he fells from his parent second story house is below. MGA could thus never be Sultan ul Qalam, since he never wrote anyways.

The Narration
This is the page 198 from seerat almehdi Vol 1-written in 1923- Narration no 182-

“””Mirza Sultan Ahmad told me via Moulvi Raheem Buksh sahib MA (it means that mirza sultan told Raheem Buksh and he told the writer Mirza bashir ahmad) that once our father fell from the window of Chobaara (upper level of the house) and he hurt himself on his right ARM-as a result the right hand stayed weak till his end age-(now Mirza bashir is adding to it) humble person (mirza bashir) was told by mother (Nusrat) that MGA was going to come down via the window -there was a stool in front of the window -which toppled lost his balance and he fell-breaking the bone of right hand (above it says right arm -but now it says -bone of right HAND was broken) and this hand stayed weak till the end- He could take the food to his mouth (put luqma in his mouth) but could not carry/hold the utensil of water to his mouth. Humble (Khaksaar Mirza bashir) narrates that -during salat/namaaz MGA had to support his right hand with the left (again here they are saying about the hand and not the arm). “””

“Bayan kia mudge say mirza sultan sahib nay-bewasta (via) Moulvi rahim buksh MA- kay aik dafa walid sahib apnay chobaray kee khirki (window) say gir gaiy aur daeen (right) hath per choat aee-chonanchay ikhir umar tuk wo hath kumzoor raha- khaksaar arz karta hai kay walda sahiba furmatee theen – kay aap khirki (window) say uternay lagay thay – samnay stool rakha tha wo ult giaa aur aap gir (fall) gay aur daeen (right) haath kee hudi (bone) toot gayee -aur yay hath aakhir umar tuk kumzoor raha – iss hath say aap luqma to mun (mouth) tuk lay ja suktay thay mugar pani (water) kaa berton (pot/glass) waghaira munh (mouth) tuk naheen uthaa (pick) suktay thay -khaksaar arz kerta hay kay namaz main phi aap ko dayan (right) hath baeen (left) hath kay saharay say sumbhalna perta tha.

The scans
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