MGA had a terrible problem with Diabetes in his entire life. This is why he told the world that sometimes, he would have to pee 100 times a day. A gharara is women’s trousers, men rarely wear them, however, we think that since MGA had to use the bathroom frequently, he was forced to wear women’s trousers. MGA’s second wife eventually got MGA a unique styled pajama which was easy to take off and etc.

Seeratul Mahdi
pdf page no. 70 / 296
Narration no. 82

“My mother told me that mgaq used to wear GHARARA. Then she asked him to stop wearing them. Then he started wearing usual pygamas. Humble one states that Gharara is a pair of pants with very wide bottoms ( something like a skirt). These were very trendy in India but its not as popular now.”
pdf page 118/316
Narration no. 652

” Dr M Ismail narrated to me that I often saw silky rope (a kind of rope to use as a belt to tie your shalwar-baggy trouser around your waiste) in masih maood (mgaq)’s shalwars. And a bunch of leys was tied to the end of that rope. (He-mgaq) sometimes used to say that because I get excessive and rapid – quick urination, such ropes are easy to untie….”


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