The prophethood of MGA and the nature of the split in Ahmadiyya are some interesting reads, it was this exact topic which caused me to drift away from Ahmadiyya in 2005-2006.  I wanted to post a letter that was written by the 2nd Qadiani Khalifa from 1914, which seems to assert that MGA’s prophethood is being discussed and determined.

The quote

In a letter addresses to Muhammad Osman of Lucknow

HMBMA wrote:
“I want to tell you this about prophethood that all ahmadis regard the Pm as an honorary prophet(or the shadow of a prophet).  But, as people have degraded the Promised Messiah from his real position nowadays, hence it has become expedient to inform the community about his high rank.  Otherwise I myself do not like to use the word prophet so casually or commonly.  Not, because he was not a sort of prophet, but by the common use of this word people may not in course of time come to consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a permanent full-fledged prophet.  So my use of the word is for a limited period and is remedial in nature.

A photostat of this was published in the Pagham-sulh 16 August 1914

Also see—Faruqi also showed this event in his book:

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