Mirza Tahir Ahmad was an evil mullah.  He urged Ahmadis to be ready to die with a smile on their face.    He loved the alleged-persecution.  He knew that this non-profit corporation needed to make more money, so he purposely got Ahmadiyya declared non-Muslim in 1974, and then purposely got Ord-XX passed and then like a coward, he fled the country, then lied about those details.  Nonetheless, in this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad is celebrating the fanaticism of Ahmadis.  He should have been urging Ahmadis to obey the law, instead, he wanted Ahmadis to be ready to give their life for this non-profit-corporation.

Audio speech from 6-10-88
In this audio speech, Mirza Tahir Ahmad challenged the entire world to a Mubahila.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad went crazy, he wanted a fight, he wanted all of his critics to die violently.