You will see Ahmadis spreading news far and wide in terms of how they are treated in Pakistan. However, as we all know, Ahmadiyya leadership purposely got themselves declared non-muslim in 1974. Further, Ahmadis are radicalized by their Khalifa to aggressively hit the streets and do tabligh, just like the Jehovas Witnesses. See, Ahmadis want a “marketing-competition”, as they peddle their queer version of Islam worldwide like the Jehovas Witnesses, Mormons, 7th day adventists and many other groups. This trend only started on the planet after the US govt. de-regulated religion in 1776. This was the opening that was needed for religious adventurism.  Shortly thereafter, the British govt. developed a policy wherein “religious-freedom” was encouraged throughout their government.

A recent murder in Nankana sahib
Just a few days ago, an Ahmadi was murdered in Nankana Sahib, Pakistan.  However, this only happened since Ahmadis aggressively and fanatically engage in tabligh.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadis keep trolling the Pakistani Government and all Muslim leaders around the world

These Ahmadis spend their days and nights figuring out where the representatives of the Pakistan govt. are and then they show up and ask Ahmadi-related questions. In this video, the Pakistani ambassador tells the world that there is NO Ahmadi persecution. It is all a lie. However, the fanatical Ahmadi, Kashif Chaudhry has tried to write a rebuttal, however, is an example of Ahmadi fake news and propaganda.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Some history on Ahmadi fake news and propaganda

Addison wrote about this extensively here.


There is NO Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan. There has never been. It was Ahmadis to did aggressive tabligh in the early 1950’s and thus caused riots. In fact, Smith tells us that the only reason that Ahmadis migrated their entire headquarters to Pakistan in 1947 was because the British had promised that Ahmadis would have free reign to do tabligh, whereas, in India, it could not be promised, and factually, Ahmadiyya has died in India, even though they are considered “muslim” per that government.

After the riots of 1953, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad seems to have ordered Ahmadis to tone down the tabligh work, and all violence vs. Ahmadis had virtually stopped for 20 years. Further, the Mirza family should be arrested for radicalizing the simple masses of Ahmadis and forcing them to do tabligh. We all know that on May 22nd, 1974, Ahmadis were doing aggressive tabligh at their rabwah station and the muslims on the train were highly offended, curse words were exchanged, however, in collusion with Bhutto, Ahmadiyya leadership planned to take revenge and get themselves declared as Non-Muslim. However, all rioting vs. Ahmadis had stopped and the Muslim masses Mirza Tahir Ahmad took over in 1982 and immediately forced Ahmadis to do aggressive tabligh. This was after 1974 and Mirza Nasir ahmad’s order to tone it down. Mirza Tahir Ahmad didnt care, he is a classic vicious mullah.

Moreover, my father was fanatical in his tabligh work. I watched him do much of it and memorized all of his arguments back in 1993. He learned from the Ahmadi-mullah, who is the worst creature in the world.

What the Ahmadi God will ask you in your grave

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