Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail was born in 1882, it is unclear when he officially moved in with MGA at Qadian. He is not amongst the first 313 Ahmadi’s list of 1896, he also claims to be a bad person in his youth. We all know that MGA never led Salaat, not even on accident, not even in a very small gathering of children, MGA was not even the imam at Qadian during the time of his father, as we all know, MGA’s father hired the father of Jalal-ud-din Shams to lead the Salaat at his Aqsa mosque, which was a 5 minute walk from the Palace of the Mirza family. MGA had the Masjid Mubarak built after his father died and it was basically his private office. He would allow his closest followers to come in and pray with him. The area for the imam was hidden, it was a cut out into the wall and opened up into an area for 3-4 people. As Mirza Masroor Ahmad told us, MGA would stand in that room, to the right of the imam, and some of his super-obsessive followers would enter and stroke MGA’s body during salaat. In other narration in Seeratul Mahdi, MGA’s same brother-in-law narrates a story that gives the reader the impression that MGA always avoided being the imam to any prayers. What probably happened in this scenario was that MGA’s brother-in-law, who was only 14-15 at the time, he was fooled to think that MGA was leading Taraweeh or Tahujjad, which are obviously 2 separate prayers, maybe MGA substituted one for the other?? Further, MGA would eat til the adhan was even over, which is also objectionable. And where was the Abdul Kareem? Or Nooruddin at the same time?? What about Ahsan Amrohi?? As we all know, there were barely 20 Ahmadis who lived in Qadian, so there was no need for the Masjid Aqsa to even be opened…all of this activity happened in closed-quarters, aka MGA’s office aka Masjid Mubarak.
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“””(320) Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail ne bayan kia mujh se k 1895. Mein mujhe tamam ramzan qadiyan mein rehne ka itefaq huwa. Aur mein ne tamam mahina tahajjud yani taraveh ki namaz hazrat sb k peche ada ki. Aap ki ye adat thi k witar awwal shab mein ada karte aur namaz e tahujjud 8 rakaat do do kar k akhir shab mein ada karte,  Jis mein ap hamesha pehli rakaat mein Ayat al kursi parha karte the.dosri rakaat mein surah Ikhlas ki qirat farmate the. Aur ruku aur sujud mein ya hayyu ya qayyum aksar parha karte the. Aisi awaz se parhte the jo mein suna karta tha. Ap hamesha sehri tahjjud ke baad khate the aur is mein itni takhir farmate the k baaz dafa khate khate azan ho jati thi.”””

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