This book translates into english as “The Light of Truth”. It was published on September 6th, 1894 (See Muhammad Ali) as an Urdu book (see Hidden Treasures). Which was just 2 days after the Athim prophecy had expired. In this book, MGA continued to curse Muslims who supported Athim and other Christians vs. MGA. This is the book wherein MGA used the phrase “Waladul haraam” for Muslims!

Maulavi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi is mentioned in this book as is Abdullah Athim, Mian Sanaullah, Saadullah, and Abdul Haq. Most of these quotes come from major Ahmadiyya sources, like the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, Hidden Treasures, the Essence of Islam series and many others.

Anwarul-Islam, p. 3, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 3)(See Hidden Treasures)

“”””It is the eternal way of God that until a disbeliever or a denier of truth becomes so bold and daring as to create the causes of his ruin with his own hands God Almighty does not destroy him by way of punishment. When the time of his punishment approaches he generates causes on account of which the decree of his destruction is recorded. The Book of God has laid down this law from the beginning which has ever been God’s way and is unchangeable.”””

Anwarul-Islam, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 28

See Maulvi Raheel Ahmad waffling on the topic of apostacy in Ahmadiyya after the failed prophecy of Athim (4:02:00 time stamp), Maulvi Raheel Ahmad quotes Anwar Ul Islam, page 28. MGA alleges that he had kicked out those people who left Ahmadiyy (a total lie). 
Anwarul Islam, p. 30 (old edition), Via also

“””For proving himself legitimately born it was necessary for such a one if he considered me false and the Christians as victorious to meet effectively the argument that I have set forth … It is a sign of the bastard that he does not adopt the straight path and continues to love the ways of wrong and injustice.”””
Anwarul Islam, p. 31.  See also

“”””He who indulges in nonsense against this clear decision and out of wickedness goes on repeating that the Christians have achieved victory and continues immodest and shameless and without replying justly to our decision will not refrain from denial and the use of loose language and will not admit our victory will make it clear that he is eager to be considered a bastard and is not legitimate.”””

“”jo humaree fatah ka kial nay hai, to, saaf samajae jai ga, isko waladul haraam ka shokh hai, aur  hilal zada nay hai”. 


______________________________________________________________________________________________Anwarul Islam, p. 48 (old edition). Via also

“””Some people calling themselves Muslims, who should be called semi-Christians, were so pleased that Abdullah Aatham had not died within fifteen months that they could not restrain their joy. They made announcements in which, according to their habit, they expressed themselves in intemperate language and on account of their personal rancor against me they even attacked Islam inasmuch as my controversy with the Christians was in support of Islam and did not involve the question of my being the Promised Messiah. They might have considered me a disbeliever, or satan, or Anti-Christ, but the discussion related to the truth of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and the superiority of the Holy Quran. A truthful one is he who believes sincerely in the Khatamul Anbiya, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and accepts the Holy Quran as the Word of God. He who considers that Jesus was God and rejects the prophethood of the Khatamul Anbiya, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is a liar. I had cited a revelation of mine in support of this, but I have to affirm in sorrow that in order to prove me false the opposing divines did not keep in mind the honor of Allah and His Messenger and did not in the least mind the conclusion which the enemy would draw from defeat of the Islamic side. Mian Sanaullah, Saadullah, Abdul Haq, and others, having conceded the victory of the Christians, why do they complain about the Christians that they use their alleged victory as an argument against Islam, when the whole controversy was about the truth or falsehood of Islam and Christianity and not about any particular doctrine of mine.”””
al-Hakam, vol. 7, no. 2, January 17, 1903, p. 6 and al-Badr, vol. 1, no. 12, January 16,
1903, p. 97 See also Anwarul-Islam, p. 52, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 54, Via, the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah.

“”””When Maulavi Muhammad Husain issued his edict against me declaring me a disbeliever and incited people by saying that I was not a Muslim, and that funeral prayers should not be said over any of us and that none of us should be permitted to be buried in Muslim graveyards, it created a great rancour and hostility against me and I was left almost alone. At that time I saw in a state of vision a person in the form of my deceased elder brother Mirza Ghulam Qadir.  However, I was immediately made to understand that he was an angel. I asked him: Where have you come from?

He answered:

[Arabic] I have come from the Presence of [God] the One.

I asked him: Why? He answered: Many people have drawn away from you and their hostility towards you is increasing. This is the message I have brought you. I desired to have a word with him in private. When he withdrew I said to him: People have withdrawn from me, but have you also drawn away? He answered: No, we are with you. On this my state of vision came to an end.
Anwarul-Islam, pp. 2–3, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 2–3, Via the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah.

“”””(A) Divine revelation apprised me that Deputy ‘Abdullah Atham partook to some degree of turning to the truth by his acknowledgement of the greatness of Islam and recognising its prestige. This delayed his prophesied death and being afflicted to the utmost degree. He was in a manner afflicted, but his greater affliction, which is called death, was delayed for a short while…God Almighty… revealed to me:

(((insert a lengthy arabic revelation of MGA, see the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah)))

The meaning is that:

[Arabic] Allah has taken note of his grief and sorrow.

Allah has granted him respite until the time that he reverts to his impertinence, harsh language and falsehood and forgets the favour done to him by Allah the Almighty. This [second sentence above] is an interpretation [of the first sentence] on the basis of the meanings inspired by God Almighty.

And then the revelation continued:

[Arabic] This is the way of Allah and you will not find a change or alteration in the way of

I was given to understand that the way of Allah is not to inflict chastisement until all the causes that invoke the wrath of Allah appear in full. Even if there is some hidden fear of God in any corner of the heart and one starts fearing the impending punishment, the punishment is averted and is postponed to a later time.

And then the revelation continued:

[Arabic] Therefore, do not wonder, nor grieve and you will be on top if you remain steadfast in belief.

The last phrase above is addressed to my Community. Then the revelation continued:

[Arabic] By My honour and My glory, you are on top.

The sentence above is addressed to my humble self. Then the revelation continued:

[Arabic] We shall crush your enemies into bits.

That is, they will be humiliated and their schemes will be frustrated. I was given to understand that this means that I will be on top, not my enemy.

[Arabic] And God will not stop or halt till He exposes all the machinations of the enemy and
frustrates their schemes.

That is, the scheme that has been devised and fashioned shall be shattered, shall be cast away like carrion, and its corpse will be exhibited to the people. Then the revelation continued:

[Arabic] We will lay bare the real truth, that is, will expose their designs and will openly
manifest the Signs of victory and on that day the believers will be pleased, both the first and
the last.

The revelation continued:

[Arabic] To grant respite for the reason mentioned is in accordance with God’s way,
which has been stated. Now, whosoever wishes may adopt the way that leads to His Lord. In it
there is admonition and rebuke for those who think evil.

I was also given to understand that those who are rightly guided, are desirous only of God’s pleasure, and are not dwelling in the darkness of any kind of miserliness, prejudice, haste, or faulty judgment, will accept this statement and will find it in accord with the teachings of
God. However, those who are followers of their ego or egotistical stubbornness and are not realistic, will reject it out of daring and darkness of their selves.”””

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Anwarul-Islam, pp. 15–16, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, pp. 16–17, Via the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

(B) From this writing of mine, let no one imagine that whatever was to happen, has happened and that there is nothing more, for the revelation contains the following glad tidings for future, namely:

That is [Arabic] The opponents will be totally crushed with the defeat and on that day the
believers, both the first group and the last group, will be pleased.

Be sure, therefore, that the days are coming when all will be fulfilled according to the revelation. The enemy will be frustrated, the opponents will be humiliated, and victory
will be demonstrated on every side. Be certain that this is in itself a victory and is a presage of the victory to come.
Anwarul-Islam, p. 26 sub footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, pp. 27–28 sub footnote, Via the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“”””Having written this much, I went to sleep and saw in my dream that Maulavi Hakim Nur-ud-Din was reclining and a child of his own was playing in his lap. That child had a good complexion, was handsome and had large eyes. I said to Maulavi [Nur-ud-Din]: God has bestowed on you in
place of Muhammad Ahmad, a son, who, in his complexion, his features and his strength, is much better than Muhammad Ahmad, and I thought to myself that this child must be from another wife for the first child was weak and looked ill and only half alive, whereas this one is strong and has a good complexion. Then the following verse [al-Baqarah, 2:107] passed through my mind; I do
not recall having recited it:

[Arabic] Whatever Sign We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than that or one like thereof. Know you not that Allah has the power to do all that He wills? [Publishers]

I realised that this is the reply of God Almighty to that enemy of the faith [Sa‘dullah of Ludhiana] for he has attacked Islam by making himself a supporter of the Christians and that attack is unwarranted and full of bad faith….I also noticed that the child I saw in my dream had pustules on his body and someone said: Its remedy is turmeric and one other thing. [Allah knows best].
Anwarul-Islam, p. 39 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 40 footnote, Via the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””Miyan ‘Abdul-Haqq has not presented any revelation, but only wishful thinking concerning children. However, I have received a revelation whereby Allah the Glorious, has given me good tidings in the words:

That is [Arabic] We give you glad tidings of a son.
Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, part 2, p. 79, Announcement regarding Three Thousand Rupee
Reward, published in Anwarul-Islam, p. 12 Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 86, via the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

[Arabic] [Hold it and fear not. We shall revert it to its former characteristics.]
[Arabic] [This day I have perfected your faith for you.]

September 29, 1894
O dead one you will finally see how you end. O enemy of Allah, you are not fighting me, but you are fighting God Almighty. God is my witness that just now I have received the following revelation concerning you:

[Arabic] The line of your enemy will be cut off. [Publishers]
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1894, September 6th
Anwarul Islam, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 9, P. 50

“This has never happened and absolutely never happened, except in my time, since the beginning of universe till now, that lunar and solar eclipse had gathered in the month of Ramadhan in such a manner that some claimant of messengership or prophethood or muhaddathiyat (one who converse with God) had also been present.”


Anwarul Islam, Roohani Khazain, Vol.9, p.48

“””The Hadith does not imply that before the advent of the Mahdi there would be eclipses of the moon and the sun in the month of the Ramadhan, because in that case it was possible that after seeing the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse in the month of Ramadhan, any impostor could claim to be the Promised Mahdi and the matter would become ambiguous since it is easy to claim afterwards. If after the eclipses there are many claimants it is clear that the eclipses cannot testify anyone.”””


Roohani Khazain, Vol. 9, P. 84

“Combination of lunar and solar eclipse in Ramadhan has never taken place in the time of any Prophet or Messenger or muhaddith and since the birth of universe during the time of any claimant of messengership or prophethood or muhaddithiyat lunar and solar has never combined. Combination of Lunar and Solar eclipse and Mahdi is an unnatural phenomenon.” 

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