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(Part I of a two-part article.)

[English translation by Choudry Masud Akthar, Secretary, AAIIL, Hayward, California of Yaad-eRuftagaan

(Biographies of Prominent Members of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement), Volume 1.]

Maulana Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi was one of the stalwarts and leading ‘Ulama of the Ahmadiyya Movement. He was one of the favoured persons who stood in the closest circle of the supporters and followers of the Promised Messiah. During his stay in Qadian, which used to be for quite long periods, he used to be the khateeb and imam of Masjid-i-Mubarak, where the Promised Messiah used to offer his Friday prayers behind him. His khutbahs were like an ocean of Qur’anic subtleties which quenched the spiritual thirst of hundreds of those who offered their Friday prayers in that masjid. His khutbahs were published in the Ahmadiyya Movement’s newspapers and are available in the Jama‘at’s library for all those who would like to benefit from the spiritual and intellectual power of his sermons.

Before joining the Ahmadiyya Movement, Maulana Amrohi was an elect member of the Majlis-i-Ulema of Nawab Siddique Hassan Khan of Bhopal State in India. Nawab Siddique Hassan Khan had a deep  – 5 – interest in religious knowledge and had gathered around him a majlis from amongst the eminent ‘Ulama of the time from the Indian Sub-continent by employing them on high salaries. These ‘Ulama used to provide him with research material from which he wrote and published some outstanding books on Hadith and the teachings of the Qur’an. Maulana Amrohi was one of these research scholars and was held in high esteem for his learning. The Qur’anic verse, “Allah grants knowledge to whom He likes from amongst His slaves,” applies perfectly in the case of Maulana Mohammad Ahsan Amrohi. Those who had the good fortune of seeing him or keeping company with him attest that he was one of the ‘Ulama-iRabbani
whose hearts were full of the light of iman. Whatever deductions he made from the Qur’an and
the Hadith was so outstanding that no opponent could ever dispute his arguments. He had not only a deep insight into the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith but was also an accomplished scholar in Sarf, Nahve, Fasalat, Balaghat, Mantiq and Philosophy.

Sign of the truth of the Promised Messiah
When in 1891 Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be the Promised Messiah, prophesies about whose advent were to be found in the Hadith, the ‘Ulama of India became his sworn enemies and issued a fatwa of kufr against him. The Promised Messiah received an ilham in the form of Persian verse, which reads:

“””Az Pae aan Muhammad AhsanRa- Tariq-i-Roozgar mei Benaam””

“”(For that purpose I see Muhammad Ahsan giving up his worldly subsistence or worldly desires)””

This ilham of the Promised Messiah proved true when, soon after, Maulana Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi quit his high-paying job with Nawab Siddique Hassan Khan and joined the Ahmadiyya Movement and settled down at Qadian. This further shows that Maulana Ahsan Amrohi was held in great honour in Nawab Siddique Hassan’s Majlis-e-‘Ulama but that was also held in great honour in the sight of Allah that He chose him for this service of the Promised Messiah and filled his heart with the light which enabled him to recognize the Truth of the claims of the Promised Messiah. At a time when joining the Ahmadiyya Movement meant not only being subjected to the worst type of ostracization but also facing all types of hardships, giving up one’s means of income and subsistence, especially when there were no other apparent means in sight of earning a livelihood, was not a mean sacrifice. But without any
care for all these considerations Maulana Syed M. Ahsan Amrohi gave up quite a richly remunerated position and, acting on the Divine Command of “Kunu Ma as Sadiqeen” [Be with the truthful (or righteous ones)] he became the supporter and follower of the one who was raised by Allah as the Promised Messiah and Mujaddad of the 14th Century. He chose to exemplify preferring deen over one’s worldly gains and, giving up a life full of comforts and luxury, he preferred to become a dervish and pass his life in the state of derveshi.

In recognition of the eminence in learning, righteousness and spiritual qualities of Maulana Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, the Promised Messiah declared him to be one of those angels about whom it is prophesied in the Hadith that the Messiah will appear resting his hands on the shoulders of two angels. The proof of this being that Maulana became a great support for the mission of the Promised Messiah in that he wrote such incontrovertible answers to the objections raised by the opponents of the Promised Messiah that they were silenced.

The Promised Messiah used to ask Maulana M Ahsan to write answers to these objections and his answers served to silence them. He ceaselessly wielded his pen in defense of the Promised Messiah by writing books and publishing replies in the newspapers and magazines of the Movement, thus passing his whole life in this sacred jihad. He wrote about 30 books which contain so much knowledge on the truth of Ahmadiyyat that seekers after truth can benefit from these in any era. Thus Maulana M Ahsan Amrohi shall ever remain a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah and his mission.

In Al-Wassiyat (The Will) the Promised Messiah has laid down that at least two persons who are scholars of the Deen (i.e. having deep insight in the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah and Hadith) should always be included in the Majlis-e-Motamadeen, the body which was authorized to manage and administer the affairs of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman which was declared by him to be his successor. The other condition for being a member of the Majlis-i-Motamadeen laid down by him was that only righteous persons who in right earnest prefer Deen above their worldly concerns should be chosen as members of the Motamadeen and it was further laid down that if were discovered that any member had any mixing of his worldly concerns in his objectives then such member shall be forthwith removed from the membership of the Motmadeen. To fulfil the condition of inclusion of two eminent righteous scholars in the
Motamadeen the Promised Messiah nominated Maulana Syed M Ahsan Amrohi along with Maulana Nurud-Din, who was also made the President of the Anjuman.

Held in great honour by Maulvi Nur-ud-Din
In his speech which he delivered at the passing away of the Promised Messiah, Maulana Nurrudin thus spoke about Maulana M Ahsan Amrohi: “Similarly amongst those who are rendering service to Deen Allah, Syed Muhammad Ahsan Sahib is man of great learning. He is a Syed too. He has rendered such great service to the cause of Deen Allah which renders a person like me feel small. In spite of his old age he has written a lot in support of the Promised Messiah. This is such a great service which only he was capable of doing.”

[In Part 2 we will cover “A few examples from his writings.”]

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