Munshi Zafar Ahmad of Kaparthula was born 1862, died 20-8-1941 (See Dard, page 397). He joined Ahmadiyya very early on in 1889, he was in Ludhiana for the first ever bait ceremony, he seems to have accompanied MGA on many preaching tours. He was listed as #9 in the famous list of 313 Ahmadis in 1896. He seems to have lived exclusively with MGA in his mansion. There is a famous story in the below wherein MGA himself gave him extra food for sehri (pre-dawn meal during Ramadhan).

There were a few others that lived with MGA like Maulvi Abdul Karim, who also moved in 1890-1891. Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi also moved in in this time period. Maulvi Noorudin moved in with MGA in 1893, after he was fired from his job in Jammu. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq also came and went into MGA’s house with respect and ease since 1889. Maulvi Muhammad Ali moved-in with MGA in roughly 1899. MGA‘s in-laws also lived exclusively with him in his mansion, they are Mir Nasir Nawab and his entire family. In 1902, the size of MGA’s mansion doubled, since his cousin’s widow finally died and her land and buildings reverted to MGA and his cousins to split up. This land was always a controversy, it had to do with the Muhammadi Begum saga.

Munshi Zafar Ahmad was allowed into the house of MGA and even stayed adjacent to Masjid Mubarak

Sirat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 2, p.127, via

“””Do you eat dal [lentil soup] with bread?’ There and then, the manager [of the kitchen] was called and asked, ‘Do you serve my friends this food? Not all among those present here are on a journey. From now on, ask each and every one of them what kind of food they are accustomed
to; what they would like to have in sehri and prepare that food for them.’ Thereafter the manager brought more food for me but I had already eaten and the call for prayer had already been made. Huzoor(as) instructed, ‘Have your meal. The Azan [call to prayer] was made early so do not worry.’”””

He claims to have done Bait with MGA in 1889 in Ludhiana. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he travelled with Mian Muhammad Khan (unknown in Ahmadiyya history). However, later Ahmadiyya sources seem to have lost the original register of bait’s.


He is at the first ever Jalsa in Qadian. 

See Tadhkirah, 2009 edition, page 1076 and Seeratul Mahdi by Mirza Bashir Ahmad

He relates a story of MGA have a severe itch in the 1891-1892 era.

Ahmadiyya sources report that plague had broken out in Qadian and Munshi Zafar Ahmad seems to have visited the editor of a magazine from Qadian entitled, Shubh Chantak.
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